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The Magic of Noms

This should've been a speed paint, but I kept getting distracted by Legends of Equestria... so there's really only about an hour or less worth of work in this, but it took me 3 hours to actually do it.

About to do a commission with many light sources so I was needing some practice at it.

Twilight is having way too much fun dancing and cooking... And Spike is hiding or running away from the library with the fire department on standby.
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Oh how I just love this overall with everything. Seeing Twilight dancing about while cooking. Something I would love trying out in the future whenever I'm cooking about. Very well done I do say so myself. Hehe. ^_^
meiyeezhu's avatar
Did Sparkle also remembered to buy a fumehood so she doesn't have to release the gases out the window?…
TheShinyRaidash's avatar
Ops I meant cool 
Clockblockers's avatar
You know...There's an edit button. And it's used for editing.
GJTProductions's avatar
:iconspikethedragonplz: "Call me faithless, but I don't have enough trust in her cooking skills yet... :iconhideplz:"
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I wouldn't blame Spike at all for keeping clear of her cooking. Actually, now that I think about it, have we ever had any direct evidence that her cooking is bad? I know we see Spike doing most of it and we assume that he takes care of it because Twi's is bad. But I can't remember any incident of her cooking.
schneelocke's avatar
Multitasking in the kitchen in the morning to make breakfast, isn't she? Sounds just like my mornings (although I figure she's a better dancer than I). :)
SilFoe's avatar
Haha, don't you remember her attempts at dancing? I don't think its possible for someone to be worse unless they were actively trying
Ashoof's avatar
what a cute and fun picture!!
katarjin's avatar
heh good stuff  ah LoE timberwolves HURT
shyflutter's avatar
Yay Silfoe, you've been producing so much excellent content lately! Regal!
lordseth100's avatar
You've been making a lot of art lately!
revstreak's avatar
Haha what a nice title
RechaDis's avatar
Hehe, twilight's face looks funny
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
This is my new head canon, Twi dances as she cooks XD
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