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The Ashlands


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I couldn't be the only one hoping this card was going to be a spoiler for the finale, right? Oh well, it's still an awesome design.

So yeah, with that card on my mind, when Twilight and Starlight went to the ashland time loop, I was hoping it was Solar Flare. In truth, it makes more sense that this is the parasprite timeline (or maybe Angel Bunny), but I'm a sucker for Celestia and for that Nightmare design, so I drew my first thought. It's a poopy speed paint-like one at about 1 hour and 15 minutes, but, hey, it's something to get me back in the flow.
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This is really cool! Good job, it seems to have lore, as it looks like shes regretting what she had done, cause now theres no one left to worship her.

Shes basically the only one left in the timeline, all alone and after she saw two ponies appear out of the blue (or gray, your pick) and after a while, disappear just as quickly, shes wonders if theres ever chance to turn back the clock and fix what had been done.

Except there will be no turning back, and she has accepted the fate she has placed on herself.

You get what I mean? :-?