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Surprised Luna Speed Painting

I can't remember if this took 30 min or an hour... I'm leaning towards a half hour. 
Note to self: Actually make a note of how long these take.

So this is Luna... like I like to draw... in armor... like I do... being surprised at something or another. Probably an explosion.

Mostly this was practice at using warm and cool colors to add to the contrast.

This is a part of my goal to do a speed painting a day:…
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realy AWESOME!!
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You need to teach me how u do it, im impressed, btw what program do you use for these?
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For most of these, I use Photoshop CS5, though I'm increasingly using Manga Studio more often nowadays.

And there's nothing really to teach. It's just an exercise in boiling a picture down to its essentials and prioritizing.
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Princess Luna is Sabre from Fate/Stay Night.
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Dark Souls Princess Luna.
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As soon as saw that helmet I thought of this one from Skyrim [link]
and this is awesome Clap 
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Hehehe, I may have been playing a bit too much Skyrim lately. I think I got subconsciously influenced by seeing that helmet.
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LOVE IT!! Princess Luna is Best Pony/Princess!!
water colors and ink?
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Nope, done entirely in Photoshop.
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nice, love the style and color use!
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Awesome. Nuff said. More please!!!!!
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oh WOW this is awesome! 
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Absolutely INCREDIBLE. Honestly, i can't believe you did this in 30 minutes, that's crazy :p

The teeth on the helmet are a nice touch as well, helps to make it stand out a bit from most standard unicorn helmets.
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My little fuck the hell yes, My little fuck the hell yes, aaa-aaaa-aaa-aaa
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This? A speedpainting??????
If I tried it I could never draw this in 30 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you made it withing 30 min.... WOW! Only: WOW
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Ikr lol I was like when pinkie pie met twilight for the first time
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