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Starswirl the Grumpy



Equestria's most famous sorcerer had spent his later years teaching and babysitting a pair of precocious little fillies. He begrudgingly accepted his royally assigned duties... but eventually came to love his little charges.

I like the idea of him being a grump. He'd be kinda like Gru from Despicable Me. Super grumpy at first but eventually warms up to them. Also, age is not kind. Not even to the old wizard.

1-hour for the linework. It was originally a warm-up, speedpaint requested by patchworkpoltergeist. I then found it much later and threw color on it.
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Why did he create the spell to change ponies destinies?
I don't know. Maybe a pony could use it if they were an all powerful unicorn who's talents were being wasted by teaching a pair of bratty children? Just a thought. You know anyone like that?