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Speedpaint: Let It Go

I happened to be watching Frozen while working on this request and already had gotten through most of the tonal work when the movie reached the "Let it Go" song. Yeah... it fit too well. Kinda like this…

The request was for Luna painting stars in the sky. So I gave her a paint bucket... and that's how the Milky Way was formed.

Time ~1.5 hours with few hours of distractions and technical issues

If I ever get a good chance to, I kinda want to come back and polish this up.
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It's so full of motion *-*
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I love the colors!
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I really love the shading on this, and her pose is so fluid and flowing. =D
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Was this made before or after the movie Frozen was made?
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After it was made but before I had watched anything except that song.
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you just set up another challenge for me
i'm gonna try to achieve a similiar effect on paper one day
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Ooooh, good luck! Looks like a job for... Toothbrush splatter!
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Coloured Pencils Only.
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You are sooo amazing!
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<33333333's for Luna
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Her head is too small, but for 1.5 hours, I'd be lucky to have a sketch with my sluggish speed. Nice job!
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:iconkiliplz::iconsays3plz:"She walks in Starlight..."

This is insanely beautiful. And I totally started hearing 'Let it Go'!
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So beautiful so wonderfully created so amazingly coloured:wow:
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Your work never ceases to amaze me.
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Woah excellent 
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And thats how the galactic dish was made.
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Please!!! Polish it up!!!!!

This is awesome! My new destop wallpaper. Not only because she is smiling, but the scene itself is majestic and beautiful. Even if she is using a bucket instead of a paint brush.

This makes me smile ear to ear. So visually appealing.
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Heheh, I'll try to get around to it sometime soon.
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Take your time. I don't want to push you. I'm sorry if you felt I did.

I like this piece mostly because it's not too cliché. It's original and like I said visually appealing. And the single fact that she smiles. Seriously, a lot I've seen drawn her sad, crying, melancholic or angry. Alas, few of them depict her happy and smilling and I mean solo pieces, not with her sister Celestia. A lot would say like me that smiling Luna is best Luna and you did drawn a good amount of her smilling.

Why do you think I like a lot your Luna works? And the rest of course.
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Oh no no, I just wanted to make sure you didn't get your hopes up that it'd be done anytime soon. Never even thought about being pressured.

I like it when they're happy. They deserve it. I know I love to draw them in serious business mode, too, but there has to be some balance there.
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Still, this one is my desktop wallpaper now.

And smiling Luna is best Luna.
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