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Speedpaint: Before

By SilFoe
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Request was for Sunset Shimmer, so here she is, as a filly being cute. Technically, Icesticker requested a dastardly Sunset Shimmer... but whatever. 

One more for the "Silfoe must have a princess is every picture" tally.

1 hour with a slightly different shading/coloring technique.
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Sunset Shimmer, if she stayed with Celestia, would have gone on to become the Element of Loyalty, a more capable Princess than Twilight, and would have befriended Luna right away instead of waiting for Nightmare Night.
Sunset Shimmer>Twilight Sparkle
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CasanovaGuy01Student Artist
I love Sunset Shimmer.
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I would once again like to point out how super-cute and filled with d'aww this picture is. :D

Thanks so much for letting me use it with my story. ^_^ It seems to be getting very popular for such things now!

I blame the cuteness. XD
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SilFoe Digital Artist
Hehehehe, cuteness abounds!
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May I have permission to use this art for a cover for a fanfic?
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SilFoe Digital Artist
Sure, just be sure to source it properly
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SilFoe Digital Artist
oh, very interesting. I'll have to keep watching this one!
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Can I use this as a cover for my fanfiction? I'll give you credit and link back to your work. 
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SilFoe Digital Artist
Sure! Go for it.
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Equestria-BloodHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very pretty ;3 
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This adds more than her just being a bad seed. 
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ambition can be double edge sword, it drive us but it can also corrupt us,
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And it turned Celestia's original chosen one into a monster.
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and the worst part is i think she also realized celestia didn't hold the alicorn thing to spite her, but to protect her.
Grogar-the-oneser's avatar
yep And when you remember that part of the reason Celestia treated Sunset as she did was she realized Sunset's lust for power and where it'd lead. When she was returned to sanity by the Elements, Sunset had just seen the monster Celestia had been afraid of her becoming.
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw... She looks very adorable! Great job!

I know another cute pic you can do for Sunset.
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HareTrinityHobbyist General Artist
...Is that a kamaitachi? :o
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Well this fits into my headcanon quite nicely Sil.
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KeithsterlingHobbyist Writer
Nice pic
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Lovely and touching work. I hadn't seen much of these two in a happy scene.

I'm glad you did.
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daftbeatsStudent Traditional Artist



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