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SpeedPaint: Aftermath

Poor thing has got to have seen some terrible losses in her time.

Time: 1 hour

This one started out badly. My hand refused to function. I guess I warmed up enough during the process to make this one into something relatively decent.
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I like to think that is is AFTER Sisterly Spar. 
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Yet all losses she lived through in all those years were nothing compared to the loss when she had to banish Luna.

Because for the first time in her life she didnt have somepony to rely on.

Somepony who always had her back, who understood her and always supported her. 

The greatest loss she ever had to suffer was the one she inflected on herself. And the wound that loss left behind would not be healed for another thousand years.
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celestia hate war and she noh this painful and not only the body but heart
nice work
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the Sun has seen many things and done many things....along with banishing her sister, the Moon....
"So many losses of so many innocent ponies.....the destruction of our beautiful home.....the war is over....we have won....but what for?
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The war has been won... but at what cost?
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"I don't want to wear this crown anymore..."
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This really sets the mood....Poor Celly =(
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Damn emotional/intense level: my little dashie
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:iconfeather4ever: This reminds me of the story :3
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This is so..............................

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i could fave all yr work - but i think my page would crash form shere awesome lol
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ohh! this gives me an idea for a little story!   if you dont mind reading it :3
Celestia looked over the fields, no sign of live was there anymore. It was like she was back on her childhood, the creating of the world. but this time it was not created but destruction.  Luna was gone, dad and mom , everyone was gone . And all because she did not see the proplem on time, if she only would been there for luna. If only she was on time . She layed down her axe and helmet with her magic. she looked over the burned landscape once again , admitting her failure she let down her head and began crying. Was there one way she could save equestria on her own, without her dear sister , how on earth could she appoligise to her sister if she was miles away , stuck on the moon . And that all because she was selfish and did not see the shadow she casted upon luna. " Could you ever forgive me?" she wispered quietly .
sorry if there are any spellingmistakes , english is not   my main language
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Oooh! That's a good idea! Plus, the relation to the past events. Well done :D
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Thanks xD, but this is so old o.o
WeirdoPony's avatar
Old or not, that still would work :D
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(Hope you don't mind if I budge in) Jon walks over to Celestia with agony about the battle they missed.
"Celestia, this is our mistake. But we just move forward."
Celestia drops to tears
Jon gets a radio call for something found "where is it?" Celestia looks up.
"Well, apparently we found our second chance. Let's move"
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hehe , i even forgot i wrote this thingy  XD 
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XD it happens, all good
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Oh, very cool!
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