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"And when everyone was running in fear from Onyxia's roar The Vile and Corrupting Trixie's spells finished the beast."

I agree with the Patron on Trixie being the Demonology Warlock and Starlight as the Shadow Priest. It just works. It also was difficult to not succumb to my old WoW addiction. It was made easier by never having played much of either those classes. My priest was Holy/Disc and I never got far with a Warlock.
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Oh my gosh, they are so PERFECT! I never really played any Warcraft (yes, I know...), but they look so great <3. Those outfit are just perfect on her, and I'd love to see them interact in a dungeon. This is just perfect <3. I love this <3. I almost regret to have never played Warcraft, because then I can't write about them in a dungeon =(.
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