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A friend said I should draw Luna in a hoodie. I agreed that it was a thing I needed to do.
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Me in college lol
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Aaaaaaaah!!! Too cute!!!! *Has a heart attack*
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Oh gosh. That face and pose.

Faved and downloaded.
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Filly Luna   Tpp By Creshosk-d4brw8k : Hi,I'm Woona. I want you're cokies :3
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Adowable Wittle Woona! :iconyayzplz:
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Kayla: (echoes) aww cute!
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That's sooooo cuteHug 
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Tiptoes up to poni ...

Picks up carefully ...

Gently cradles under arm ...

Carries home, smiling all the way!
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I just what to hug her!!
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That face. Who could say no to that face? Not me. Not even close.

Very cute.
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So adorable
I want to take her home and hug her all day
la in love
aw, shes just so... HUGGABLE <3
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Just out of curiosity, why are you using the Season 1 Luna instead of her current canon form?
It seems to me that her current form would do just as well here, if not better.
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I'm not sure why. She just seemed smaller and more fragile like that.
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And thus why people largely avoid drawing this form.

It isn't exactly in character for Luna to look "weak and vulnerable."

It simply doesn't fit with any current perceptions of the character as in canon.

I suppose there is nothing wrong with this form, but I request you to at least restore the canon starry sky mane and tail at least. Or failing that, drawing any future iterations to be more commanding of respect in terms of posture.

There is a reason why people stopped drawing this form when Season 2 came around.
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Wow, relax a little. It's just a doodle of a pony I thought was cute. If you only like images of her looking all powerful, that's fine, but there's no reason to be so demanding of a stranger over something they did for fun. If you want it to be more canon, then maybe this was the day after she got back and discovered how snuggly hoodies are. Use your imagination and a little basic courtesy.
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Apologies. It is just that this form has been... Well, I have seen very mediocre work associated with this form, not to mention the bland personality at the beginning of the fandom. It is a knee jerk reaction from me, so the fault is my own.

There is a small niche for this form, but I would advise you keep such work like this on a separate account/site to avoid trouble.
Especially from the so called "Old Guard" part of this fandom, or canon evangelists such as myself who may sometimes become overzealous upon seeing such content.

Again, my apologies.
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so cute!
Love the posture. She looks so cuddly la in love SO MUCH LUFF 
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