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Little Cadance and Auntie Celly

Relatively quick drawing and coloring.

Celestia's having about the same reaction as every adult who's been subjected to a little kid playing with make-up. Also, Cadance may have been wanting to make her aunt look as ridiculous as possible.

...And into EQD's drawfriend. Seriously, seeing these things on EQD makes my day. I love you, random person who submits my stuff.

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Celestia: is Good Cadance but i am sure you can do even better!(good think luna is not round here to see this or she will laugh of me for a week!)

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Hahahaha that’s funny
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First Luna put make up on celly, then cadence then twilight and now flurry will. Poor celly Wink/Razz Waaaah! 
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No matter how ridicules she knows she looks, Celestia would never say anything about it to Cadance. You just can't say no to a face like that.
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Now that was a surprise, shes lucky Luna wasn't there to see her like that^^
Cadence: You can open your eyes now auntie.

Celestia opens her eyes and is immediately shock by the face she sees in the mirror. 

Celestia: Oh, my...

Cadence: It's great isn't it. I've been practicing with my dolls and twilight before miss Velvet asked me to stopped.

Celestia looks down at the smiling face of her niece who's eyes were full of pride and accomplishment.

Celestia returns the smile: Yes, thank you Cadence.        
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Lol - absolutely fantastic. Tells a great story - thank you for sharing.
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she looks pretty~
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Haha 😄 So awesome 👍
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XD POOR SIS yet I miss her
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looooooooooolzDignity laugh The Annoying Orange laughing 
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lol I awwwed and loled at this so adorable! ^>^
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You are very talented. But I would like to say that the reflection is kind of off. Or was that on purpose...
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No, you're right. It's off. I think I got lazy at the end there.
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This allways makes me smile
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Cadance seems so happy. :)
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