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King of the North

I was reading the newest main arc IDW comic. I'm stoked for good guy Sombra. I have no clue what he actually looks like and this design is very, VERY likely to be way off of what will appear next month. But I don't care.

Edit: My design was way off. I liked the idea of him being some benevolent warrior king, but I'm ok with how he actually turned out... Especially with his connection to Celestia.
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Am I a good man?
Am I a mad man?
It's such a fine line
Between a good man and I
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There is only one King in the North !…
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That... is a really cool image. Fits my recent GoT kick. But would Sombra be King in the North or the King Beyond the Wall?
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Well he has his onw Castle and lands. And Crystal empire is a part of Equestria. So I'd say that he would be the King in the North...
Plus he's agenda, at least in the show, was more to be an independent King(tyrant) than to simply get as far away as he can from the north.
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Good points! And, just like Rob Stark.... he kinda isn't around anymore.
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Oh yes, that too xD
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oh WOW! this is AWESOME.
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The sexiest king of all! :)
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All hail The King
King of The North
Long live The King
King of The North
Am I the only one hearing 'Hail to the King' by Aveneged Sevenfold upon seeing this?
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Why do I have the feeling that the comics will screw us over and say that King Sombra is Celestia's father?
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Oh jeez, I hope not. That'd ruin my new impending ship!
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Agreed. I don't really ship it, but I can see it happening. Is it just me, or does Sombra look like an alicorn in that last panel?
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I hadn't noticed that before, but I think you may be right... woah.
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My Lord and Master...*bows deeply*
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Makes me think of Game of Thrones
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This is an excellent rendition of King Sombra. I've gotta admit, I was curious to see what version of him we were going to be introduced to when the mention of mirrors was brought up; but now that I know a little more about the coming arc, I know only 3 things for certain:

1) Star Swirl the Bearded was kind of a jerk, despite his legitimate concerns about the two worlds colliding.

2) A noble King Sombra?? I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one; I don't think I'll ever see him quite the same way again! Especially if his connections to Celestia Prime are what I THINK they are...

3) Mirror Celestia is evil? Then I can only assume that the writers have finally found a way to play with the Tyrantlestia meme without stepping on canon toes. XD
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What do you think his and Celestia Prime connections are?
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Yeah, Starswirl is being hard on her, but he has a valid reason to be. Overall, I do kinda like this characterization of him. I nearly died at that panel where Luna compares him to Pinkie. 

I'm right there with you on #2. I WANT his connection to Celestia prime to be exactly what we're all thinking.
The Witch-king of Angmar's lost steed! ... what? getting sent through a rift in the multiverse does stuff to a horse (or anything else for that matter).
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Hail to the king, baby! He's looking great.
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Very well done. :)

Looking forward to the comics too - at least we'll get to see/read King Sombra again (in which way is to be seen).
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