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In Defense of Equestria: Luna - Underpainting

By SilFoe
I'll figure out a better name for this thing later.
This is the underpainting for that Luna successor to "In Defense of Equestria" [link]

This is what I've been working on in my livestreams. It's looking a wee bit more complicated than the Celestia version... This is going to take a while :cry: .
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KoronKorak's avatar
the drawing is AMAZING !!! Can i use it for a song ?? All credits to you in the description of course c:
I ask because you wrote you were doing a new one, i don't know if you agree for this one ^^
NegativeFade's avatar
I like your armor designs o.o
aNIGHTLYpony's avatar
you start off as a greyscale and then you add color, how do you do that?
SilFoe's avatar
Its the same technique used in traditional painting. Get the composition and tonal work done in monochrome, then layer on the colors.
Pen-Perfect's avatar
If you are all right with it, I would like to use this as part of the cover image I'm making for a fanfic. If you are OK with this I will of course link and give credit :)
SilFoe's avatar
Ok, if just for a fanfic, then that's cool. I'd of course love a link to it.
Krysnha's avatar
Nice very nice keep it up
adamanquelis's avatar
everypony charge!!
Nightmare squad, for the victory!!
frans97's avatar
"Day or night... in darkness and light... Equestria's defense, protect us from evil's might."
The-Zellie-Hime's avatar
((Are Celestia and Luna fighting each other? Or are they working together? It's either that I'm too dumb to figure it out. Or all of these sad backstorys of Luna taking revenge...))
SilFoe's avatar
They're fighting together, as co-sovereigns, against some unnamed enemy. The flags behind them both are the same, the regular Equestrian one. That and Twilight being in both pictures are the only hints I've given, so don't feel bad about not picking up on that.
The-Zellie-Hime's avatar
((Alright, Thank you for telling me XD I like it when they work together. Like true sisters should...P.S. amazing work! :D)
SilFoe's avatar
No problem! Glad you like it.
The-Zellie-Hime's avatar
((Yeah, I don't really get why there's this whole "Solar Empire" V.S. "Lunar Republic" I'm kinda gettin' sick of it...But I can see where Celestia fans get riled up because of all the attention Luna gets...I see some art where Luna either wants revenge...Or Celestia is being trashed by her. It's slicing me to ribbons! But then I see peaceful fun and happiness in between sisters in your work and I really appriciate that! But back to Celestia and Luna, I love Celestia personally. She was the first pony ever to be introduced to me...I thought she was really pretty (I was a bit younger at that time heh,) and I liked her! Her character was great! Until I saw Nightmare Moon, and I saw Luna...I loved Luna! She was so cute (adorable)! And she was only trying to make a friend but it was hard for her to do so. And then I see Twilight and her and I just smile. Good chance none of this makes any sense :lol: but yeah...I see a lot of peacefulness in your work and it really brings out the true meaning of sisterhood to me "Fight with her, A sister just knows!" =) keep going! And you have my thanks. :thanks:))
SilFoe's avatar
The whole Solar Empire vs New Lunar Repiblic conflict thing can be interesting if done right, but it just gets over used, in my opinion. Royal siblings vying for the throne is a classic story, but yeah, I'd rather see these two get along.

And no worries, I understand exactly what you're saying. ^_^
SilFoe's avatar
Pretty passionate about that all. Yeah, I see no reason to personally, but if that's what you want, then of course.
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Leetyl's avatar
Awesome. I can't wait to see the final product!
TiaAndLulu's avatar
I wasn't a huge fan of the original because of the Solar Empire undertones. Saw this and then I realized that it wasn't some SE/NLR nonsense.

In other news, don't judge images by tiny thumbnails, you miss details like the flag baring Celestia and Luna on it in the original.
SilFoe's avatar
^_^ Glad you looked again. I'm not a huge fan of the SE/NLR stuff myself. I just like drawing epic princesses.
TiaAndLulu's avatar
If I was cynical i'd say you're exploiting my weakness for princesses. But i'm not and exploitation or not it's what I like to see.
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