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Five Years

It took me a week but I got it done before the next episode! I'm gonna go die for a bit before I stream tomorrow.

That episode was a fantastic way to celebrate half a decade of pony. The CMC's cutie mark arc is done! Diamond Tiara is lovable now! Celestia got a letter after I don't know how long! Luna got to see the three she helped grow!

About the piece itself, I did each character separately and completely, except those cut off by the edge. You can see the whole album here As for who made the cut to get in here, I included anyone who was important and recurring in the current gen, not just main show, that would include the movies. (That may just be because I freakin' love Sunset and I wholly admit to a bias there but whatever.) So, they have to appear and play an important part at least 3 times. I was going to add Zecora, but I ran out of room before I realized.

I also recorded the whole process since that Patreon goal was achieved this month! I'll be putting together the video soon. (just in case:
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