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Episode Speedpiant: Ember

Presenting the new Fire Dragon Lord Ember!

Time: ~1 hour
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Ember: "...What do you mean, 'I'm too skinny'?!"
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"Yeah! I mean, you're just... That! And your father weighs at least 50,000 tonnes!"
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Ember: "I'm not a full-grown dragon yet! But if you're so critical..."

[Smirking, Ember up and dives into a nearby pile of gems...emerging in a TITANIC, and more curvy, greed-growth form]

BIG!Ember: "How's THIS?!" [Licks her lips]
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"Well... good enough. Hey, is that Spike over there?!"

[BIG!Ember looked away, and while she was distracted, he made a break for it]
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BIG!Ember: "He's not..." [Looks back and notices her critic is gone] "...Heh. Clever. When I catch him, I'll just make him polish my gold hoard instead of eating him."

[Casually, she lumbered after him in pursuit...]
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Awesome picture :D
she looks amazing  love the scale detail on her also! great work!
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>obligatory "Baka!"
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And then  the dragon nation attacked
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She looks so cute here ;p
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Like it. Wet-paint-like outlineless good shaded dragonness. Just the word "Speedpiant" in your title needs some attention.
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Best Spike episode. Ember is awesome.
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I guess we have a new and the most probable canon couple with Spike :D
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Very cool, so well done all in a hour.
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AWESOME!! She looks great :) Tsunderagon!
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"I<blush>don't want a friend!"
Soon Spike will start glowing at nine PM, and when he gets back to Twilight he's exhausted, smelly but smiling. This is going to be a reoccurring habit, and no other dragon will be summoned to Ember under such circumstances.
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I knew someone would draw her but I didn't expect it to be you. And you did a great job. She looks beautiful. The most beautiful so far. Especially since you gave her scales.

That a very good developing episode about Equestria's dragons resident. And the SpikeXEmber shipping began. Still thinking Sparite more plausible.

BEautiful work.
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