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Episode Speedpaint: Royally Screwed

Sometimes pranks have very real consequences for your bank account. First all those cookies and those massive cakes, then the fines and fees that come along with literally burying your sovereign in papers.
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Celestia: And every blasted one of them is erotica from my formerly beloved student!

Luna: <Quirks a brow as she looks over one> And with astonishing adherence to the rules for writers one might note... also rather interesting additions to thine undercarriage... <blushes>

Celestia: Additions to my what <looks at scroll> OH EW! <faints>

Luna: <looks one way, then another, then inconpicuously hides the scrolls under a wing>
oh, i saw a fan-comic where Celestia tells Twilight that, and then you see Twilight chasing Rainbow Dash and shooting spells at her!
Can you provide a link?
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That total should be a lot higher. There's only a 633.40B difference between it and the numbers we see.
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"Teats", "leet" and "boobs". Very mature, Celestia.
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:icontwilightsparkleplz: (heavy sigh)
:iconshiningarmorplz: -> :iconfacepalmplz:
:iconcadanceplz: (uncontrollably snickering)
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This has gotta be one of the funniest things I have ever seen on DA
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not part of pinkie prank at the  end but will do
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She had this coming. Pay up, bitch.
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Did anybody noticed Celestia's note under the second notice? Celestia warning RD not to disrupt the Court again, and all of the bills will be deducted from her paycheck. Guess her Wonderbolts stipends is what allowed her to buy those big cakes and large number of joke cookies. But she's going to have to save bits from now on.
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...They get stipends? 
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They better.

The Wonderbolts are called on to perform military actions from time to time, like when they tried to put down Trixie's Ursa Minor.

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They better? Shouldn’t you be rooting for them to get regular payment instead of stipends.

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Stipends are regular payments. But I take your likely meaning.

If anything, stipends are too regular. They're issued steadily as clockwork and may be generous but are of a fixed amount, not truly reflecting the varying levels of time spent and service given by the recipients

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This means you’re not fully employed

SoupNaziMark2's avatar

Not under our law. But being a Wonderbolt isn't how Rainbow Dash makes her living: she works for the Ponyville government controlling the local weather.

The stipend would be a bonus income given to Wonderbolt members. And between the demanding requirements and the fact that most members are already in the Equestrian regular military or join it later, a Wonderbolt that can't get an adequate job or income source without the stipend would be very odd indeed.

Besides, I interpreted you original comment as surprise they even got paid since they're usually shown doing little but the odd stunt show. I was just saying that they deserved some compensation.

In Baron-Engel's version of Equestria, the Element bearers are formally acknowledged as major strategic assets of the Crown. Each received a royal stipend to ensure they remained happy and could afford to leave work whenever they were called on. After a flurry of bets were placed on an event against Rainbow Dash and she came through, the winner gifted her with a very large sum and her stipend was cancelled as unnecessary.

I don't know the status of the other stipends. They were probably at least reduced when the Elements were returned to the Tree of Harmony, but restored when the Mane Six effectively became Twilight's 'Round Table' and showed their unique relationship with that map in her castle.

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break the 4th wall for a raise dashie.
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Better ask Hasbro for a raise, Dashie. ;P
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1337 Bits for Data Overage, I see what you did there! XD
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bah dash lives in a cloud mansion she can afford this
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You still wouldn't want a bill from the leader of your country, even if you could afford to pay it. Makes for Grade-A blackmail material for the future, or just not good on the resume.
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