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Episode Speedpaint Princesses Vs Clouds

Poor Luna got a feather singed by the newest princess.

I didn't have the time or mental energy to take this to fully polished. So speed-ish paint.
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:iconroyalcanterlotvoice::iconsaysplz: "NO! Not that feather! That was my FAVORITE feather! I LOVED THAT FEATHER! Oh, where will it END?!"
:iconmostwonderfullunaplz::iconsaysplz: "WON'T ANYONE THINK OF THE FEATHER?!"
:iconcelestiafacehoofplz::iconsaysplz: "LUNA!!"

...methinks I've stayed up just a tad too late tonight...
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Newest princess? Are you saying ... Twilight Sparkle went mad? :-OO
Nope, Cadance had a baby and it turns out the newborn was an alicorn, and the baby shattered the crystal heart thus causing a blizzard to overtake the Crystal Empire.
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At first I thought his was a sort of role-reversal of the Nightmare Moon battle/banishment, then I as like "Why does Luna have ice on her?"
But then I figured it out. ;)
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WOW fantastic! All those snowflakes and icicles are a great touch, and overall you captured the moment in all the drama and seriousness---wonderful job! :D
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Just hold up Flurry heart to the storm, sprinkle some pepper on her nose and BOOM! Instant vaporization.
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To quote "what I learned this time"

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So awesome! Poor Luna, duck! pinkie pie mlp (ahh...) plz 
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Very impressive work of the Royal Sisters as they tried to prolong the storm to buy time for the others!!! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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"GAH!!!! What was that?!"
-I guess that little baby got a lot in her. Be careful Luna!
"What?! So if it wasn't enough to risk freezing to death from this storm, I can get burned by that young laser buster?"
-I'm afraid...... *groan* I'm afraid so.
"Oh my stars! Cadance... Shining... what have you done?"
-You do know that Twilight is in there take care of the sweet angel?
".... *gasp!* Oh no! Twilight! I will avenge your death if she ever...."
-Stop dramatizing Luna!

Awesome work, Silfoe.
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"Burn it aww!"
"Cadance, what have you created..."
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Wow very nicely done I really like how you did the brush strokes.
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