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Episode Speedpaint: Frenemies

By SilFoe
...or rivalmance? Who knows. Red from a heated argument or something else? Up to you. I'm sure they're arguing over the newest Daring Do book, "Daring Do and the Seven-Sided Chest of Chicomoztoc."

stTime: 1.5 hours. So not a true speedpaint... but faster than normal.

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Loving rainbow dash
TheCowardlyDinosaur's avatar
Eeeeeeek!! I love it!!!
camolotthe10's avatar
I imagine that they are more Vitriolic Best Buds than anything else. They argue every time they see each other, seem to hate each-other without reservation, and share an intense loyalty that is second to only RD's loyalty to her friends.
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This episode was proof as to why I don't go to conventions.
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Of course they're already arguing over the book that literally happened to them X'D This is my fave RD ship.... I'm not so sure that they're blushing over a heated argument though...
TheCowardlyDinosaur's avatar
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This is my second favorite RD ship.... BUT SOARINDASH FOREVER!!!
littlekookygem10's avatar

but this is my worst ship ever i hate quibbledash XD
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When i saw this episode i was like "OMG I SHIP THEM!" then when i saw them fighting i was like: "nvm XD" and now, at the end i was again like: "I ship them" XDDDDD
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
I think they are arguing over anything but what is actually making them blush.
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Lol i LOVED this episode
unlikeablePony's avatar
There is going to be SO much shipping of these two in the future XD
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Quibbles: Oh! Please... Not that again!
Rainbow Dash: So what if she walked on that bridge?
Q: She is a pegasus for Luna's sake! She could... I don't know... fly over it?
RD: Hey! She... uh... I'm sure she got a good explanation to.... Aha! See here? She hurt her wing!
Q: *facehoof* That's pages later! *sigh* Why she didn't fly over the damn bridge?
RD: Uh... because... It would be... too... easy?
Q: ....
RD: *grin*
Q: Okay. You got a point.
RD: Yeah.
Q: We, earth ponies make fragile bridges so our lives would be more dangerous that way.
RD: Huh? Aww... Come on!
Q: Still should have flew over.

Wonderful work. You seem to like drawing angry ponies.
Alternate title: Foreplay.
templar127's avatar
Them ships are sailing right now huh XD
ArcCahlon's avatar
Dash: "what are you talking about this is the best body pillow in the entire catalogue.'
Quibble: "oh please they didn't even get the arrow holes right"
Dash: "so what at least hey got the uniform right the ones you liked didn't even have the uniform"
quibble: *awkward embarrassing silence* 
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quibble is just die-hard fan :3 like guys from 'Old Guard' in Warhammer fandom.
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So many good faces in this episode :D 
IJoinedForPonies's avatar
I can't ship it, they butt heads too much.
MiragePotato's avatar
i can hear the fanfic being written
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