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Episode Speedpaint: Embracing the Joke

Scoots embraces the Scootachicken joke and makes it her own! 

Time: 1 hour, including the discarded attempt at painting it.
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Happy silly chicken horse!
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That bag thing is so terrified he'll need a therapist.
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dat chikin
it screemin'
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As if Scootaloo would ever embrace such mean-spirited jokes. Not caring for it, standing above it, perhaps (hopefully), but embracing them? That's pushing it.
This picture feels like a Scootachicken joke propaganda pic.....

Edit: And besides that, it wasn't a chicken anyway what she was carrying there, cause it had no wattles. This was either an eagle or any other bird that looks similar like this or maybe even a species that is exclusive to Equestria!
If someone feels encouraged in his chicken jokes because of that, then only because he deliberately decided to see it as a chicken joke, so that he can try justify making those jokes when someone points out how mean-spirited, low and tactless those chicken jokes about Scootaloo are the next time.
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I'm not going to lie the first time i saw this i was so pissed off to still be doing that joke all these years later just felt so mean spirited but the more i rewatched the episode (15 times so far) it's getting more funny. and yeah her embracing it and taking the hurtful teasing out makes it better. still hate the chicken joke but love that scoots isn't bothered by it.
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Scootaloo choking the chicken...

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Well, if you think that she made her look like a phoenix.... and the emblem on the Pontiac Firebird was a phoenix too... and the fans was calling it "screaming chicken"....

BEautiful work
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What I said when I saw that scene: "Are they trying to fuel the Scootaloo chicken jokes?"

Cute picture though.
Best chicken is always cute!

Scootaloo Intensifies EQG Scootaloo Icon #7 DashScoot icon  
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Scootaloo is one of my favorite characters, I just never found the chicken jokes that funny.
Eh, I don't find them funny either but some of them could be quite cute. 

...And then there are the ones that are abusive.  The ones that are abusive suck. Why would anyone abuse her? :( (Sad) 
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Because people are jerks that's why, Scootaloo is one of the best ponies in the show, she really doesn't deserve it.
Sadly, yes people can be jerks. :(

But thats why scootalove exists so that people can show that they really care for her.  
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Yep, Scootalove is the best, she deserves more love.
She does indeed need more love.   DashScoot icon 
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Scootaloo (hey applebloom) plz It is a Mighty Eagle! Shut up. 
Perfect combination of a GIF and a line.
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That's what it is. Chickens and roosters have wattles, the face of the bird Scoots was carrying didn't.
It was an eagle or a bird species that lives only in Equestria and that we don't know yet.
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Was it not a hawk? 
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