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Episode Not-so-Speedy Paint: New Friends and Forks

New headcanon: Celestia was so grumpy because Twi keeps stealing her favorite silverware and she's just fed up with it.

Also, you know what this means? Trixie will come over and harass Twi more!
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XD This is so cute
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This is why you have no guards, Twilight. You pissed off Celestia.
Then again, the guards in this world are pretty useless, most of the time.
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Princess Celestia: no forks given
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Hahahahahahaha!  Twilight, you cheapskate.

I love how Trixie and Twiligh still hate each other and Starlight blissfully ignorant of their power struggle.  I hope this continues into season 7.

Kinda funny how Twilight originally wanted to reform Trixie but now that she's hanging out with her student, Twilight doesn't wanna be around her.
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10/10 would ship it!
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I don't know why, but I LOVE how you did Trixie's grin, there's something very real about it.  She really looks like someone who was genuinely just in a bad place but is also truly being cheered up by her BFF at this very moment (all the more effective here considering Starlight is really her first true friend).
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LOL; Forklestia is best lestia
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Princess Celestia (SUPER CEREAL) Plz  Twilight, that's the last straw!
twilight sparkle (smile) plz Funny you bring up straws...
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twi did NOT steal them, she just borrowed with no intent to return.

also twixie and starlight look so adorable together. 
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Oh my goodness, Twilight, did you took Princess Celestia's dessert fork?
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These two are so adorable here :)
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Yeah, that's what I thought too. But, we haven't seen Moondancer much last season even after what happened. Just in the season's final. So, it probably means we could see her sometimes. Which is excellent. Well for lot of fans of Magicmare.

Wonderful work
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Hehe, I like it. :)
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I honestly thought she was about to make a little pony statue out of the forks.
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