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Just Twilight and Flutters going to the spa. Twi really needs to relax more. That hot stone massage just put her right to sleep!
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Awww! She's drooling!

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Strangely enough this is what happens to me in school. I just fall asleep while others laugh at me
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Too bad RD and Pinkie aren't here to see this. :)
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OMG I love the stone massages! I only go to the spa about once a year, but when I do, it's awesome!
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I've never had one... Sounds awesome, though.
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It is.  You can feel the tension melting out of you.  It's so relaxing.  You ought to at least try a massage.  They're very inexpensive. Usually around $30 for an hour.
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This looks like a set up to a story, don't know whey I think that.
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This is really cute.
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:D what a cute picture :D
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:iconspikethedragonplz: "I keep telling her she needs more sleep... -.-;"
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Twi looks adorable.

This reminds of this time I fell asleep at school. I was in class with my to be girlfriend, as we weren't together at the time, and I was snoring. She took a few pictures to, quote, "Capture my cuteness." They're still on her phone. I found it amusing that an awkward, messy, and generally clueless guy like me could be "cute".
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Awkward and clueless are often the most adorable people. I think that's why so many people like characters like Twilight and Luna (myself included). Damn adorkable.
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well, when I say awkward, I don't mean like in like Twilight. I mean, due to my Asperger's, I have a tendency to cock-up when engaging others in social activities, usually resulting in unintended offense or even fights. And I really make very, very little effort in looking well-groomed. I basically just take a shower every week or so and wash my hair.  
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Must have been a very good massaging session to fall asleep like that. Awwww.... She looks adorable. She must have been under stress lately.

Beautiful work

Make me wonder how many time per week they go at the spa. Probably not as often as Rarity.
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Being a princess had got to be hard, stressful work.
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Very cute. Would probably happen to me, too. ;P
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Aaaaw, that's just adorable.  :3

And now I want to see this in the show!  xD
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looks very relaxing
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D'awwww...Twilight looks adorable  when she's asleep.
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