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Commission: Trixie Kiryuin

Chaos is Harmony
Love is Hate
Contradiction is truth
That is the reality of this world
Listen well, you pigs in pony clothing
and submit to that reality.

Apparently the Japanese VA is the same for both Trixie and Kill La Kill's Satsuki Kiryuin
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Awesome! Though I think Trixie has more in common with Nonon than Satsuki 
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Oh I can definitely see the similarity. This was more of a voice actor joke requested by the commissioner.
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Quite ironic considering that they are most of them not wearing any clothes.

I finished watching this serie yesterday. Weird bits it in, but very entertaining.

Very cool crossover.
SilFoe's avatar
Ha, very weird bits in it. But yeah, the commissioner and I discussed how to do this one and we decided Trixie in the school outfit version would look better than in the powered up version.
cajobif's avatar
You mean Junkestu? Yeah, she has an very authoritarian look that way.

If Trixie is Satsuki who do you think would have been Ryuko? Rainbow Dash or Twilight? Mako by Pinkie Pie for sure.
Angelofdeath690's avatar
I have a list of characters/who's who XD
Trixie is done up here as Satsuki because of her voice actress.  I would actually have her as a different character if anything. XD
abzde's avatar
She needs a more curves to her waistline... something like this…

btw really like this drawing! Love the way Trixie is smirking at the viewer XD
Ashoof's avatar
oh HEY! i recognize this! nice job!
xXMsHeroXx's avatar
WAMIX-awesomeness's avatar
My, what big eyebrows you have, Trixie-sama.
vulpixelcomments's avatar
Nice crossover and description, lol. Plus it looks great. 
Kyoshyu's avatar
Ahaha! Awesome. :)
Amasing art, confusing description
SilFoe's avatar
Sorry, its a modified quote from Kill la Kill.
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SplinterDash's avatar
I understand it's a commission.
I understand that they share a Japanese VA.
I still think it was a missed opportunity for some Sunset Shimmer being an anime queen of a high school.

Other then that, this is pretty awesome!
SilFoe's avatar
...I kinda want to do a series now based around Sunset as Satsuki vs Twilight as Ryuko. The rest of the cast would be an interesting challenge. I mean, obviously Pinkie as Mako and I'm thinking Trixie as the band leader girl, but the rest I have no clue for. 
I would totally watch that! 

Could make some of the remaining mane 6 as Satsuki's henchmen.
But then I could see AJ and RD as the leading two of Nudist Beach (totally forgot their names).

Rarity would be kinda like Satsuki's mom. Dress obsessed and whatnot :P

But yes, Pinkie Pie Mako would make me flip my $#!%.
marcusfenix102's avatar
Very awesome work here. Probably one of the best looking klk x mlp pictures that I've seen so far
pitadragon's avatar
wow. she sounds mad about some thing. looks awesome though. :)
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