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Commission: The Evil Paradox

By SilFoe
Done for the story "The Evil Paradox" by Alcatraz

Story Description: "Over the years, I’ve had many names and titles. For now, you can call me Catherine. I haven’t been totally honest about who I’ve been these long years, but that’s a moot point at this stage.

I’m still reminded of what I did to Luna and Celestia every day, but living with it got easier. It’s like a dull ache that never goes away, but you slowly learn how to ignore it, even though you can feel it eating away at you. It’s been fifteen-hundred and sixty, or thirty Earth years since I first came to Equestria. When you’re immortal, the years tend to blur together.

I can’t help but think on what became of Luna since we swapped places. If she’s still alive, dead, married with kids, or begging for change on the street.

Yeah, I’ve got a lot of explaining to do, so if you’ll bear with me, I’ll start at the beginning."

Pretty fun, relatively quick piece of best ponies.

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Oh that looks cool
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looks really good
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Very interesting.
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Well where's the rest?!
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Now try to guess which one is the troll- I mean devil !
Welp, I know what I'll be reading next...
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So how did you do this? Did you draw a single face, and then split it, or drew each half separately?
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I laid down the structure of a whole face, refined one side, mirrored it, then tweaked it to line up. Then I added in any differentiating features. then on to color and all that.
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Sounds like some work went to waste...but to be honest, it is probably the best course of action.

Kudos, Sil ^^
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What was wasted?
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Well, you know when you draw something, and parts of the anatomy are covered by something else? Like armor, a tree or whatever. That.
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Not much was covered though. When I say lay down the structure, it was just some rough sketches making sure the general shape was right. It all had a purpose.
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This is a very cool cover page nicely done.
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