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Commission: The Entity of Life

By SilFoe
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Full Title: "The Blackest Night Equestria: The Entity of Life"

Commissioned by :iconkyryn26: for this group:……

The given description: 
""The living light bestowed upon this universe that triggered existence itself"

The embodiment of all life itself in Equestria’s universe. 
Everything that lives, everything that exists is part of it and linked to it. It is the living sentient entity that was formed at the beginning of the universe. As the light fought against darkness, stars and planets were born. As The Entity's influence spread, life was created and, with life, emotions. 

The colors of the rainbow are the main emotions of life: Red: Rage, Orange: Avarice, Yellow: Fear, Green: Willpower, Blue: Hope, Indigo: Compassion, Violet: Love

Its end is sought by Death to end all life Equestria’s universe and to bring the ‘Harmony of the Grave’. Twilight and her friends task it to learn of its existence and save it and all reality, lest all light parish."

As for me, this was a fun commission to do. There were plenty of interesting challenges, mainly visualizing a character that had only a text description. There was also the challenge of putting in a lot of rainbows without making her colors garish and overbearing. I think I succeeded and the commissioner was happy so I'm happy.
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Sorry I ment to say what would nekron look like

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Why would nekron. The entity of death and the black lanterns, look like

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I just want to say again, this is a great depiction for a manifestation of Equestira's creator deity. She really does look like Equestria's embodiment of life. 
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Traits of both an alicorn and a draconnequs, and an Ouroboros for a cutie mark. Perfect.
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MiguelofKingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome :D
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this is awesome XD
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Stunning, I like the idea of a "Faustiquus"
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A neat combination of different animal parts. You did a good job making her look both pretty and creepy/ominous.
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I like the Oroborus cutie mark showing that while life exists, all must eventually die, it is linked to the entity of death. I like how she looks like an alamgam of a lot of creatures and the Fausticorn, but without having the chaotic look of a draconequus. I like how if she could scowl she could be pretty scary showing that all life is not nice.
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Oooh, I love her as all races at once. She made all the races from little aspects of herself. And manages to be quite lovely instead of super-horrifying.
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Here-for-the-poniesStudent Digital Artist
Oh my goodness I love this. The palette and the smooth rendering look gorgeous, and the inclusion of the horsehead nebula made me chuckle a bit.
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SilFoe Digital Artist
Hehe, glad you caught that!
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
Here-for-the-poniesStudent Digital Artist
I drew it in a Doctor Whooves and Derpy piece a bit more than a year ago, and I recognise it whenever I see it. :)
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Queen Chrysalis, "MOTHER! Why have you forsaken me?!" 
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Such godly loveliness... I wish I had the ability to verbalise how cool and gorgeous this looks, but I'll leave it to the other commenters...!
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Excellently done.
Love the rainbow motif going on for her; has a very nice flow to it. Additionally, the way the Wings fade from feathers into bat wings has a very nightmare moonish look to them and blends bat/dragon wings with feathered wings well (I wish that Luna had kept the Bat edges on her wings that she'd had as nightmare moon, but oh well XD).

flows into a fish tail rather well from her pony body without looking out of place as well, very organic.
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oron61Hobbyist Traditional Artist
All Hail the Lady Faust, creator of the 4th world of pawneez.
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The fangs IMHO symbolize the diamond dogs, who are, after all, part of the world too.
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Or it could just be a draconnequs fang.
That creature, whatever it is, not only has features of an alicorn AND a draconnequs all at once. But she also has an Ouroboros cutie mark... she's the begining of all, and the end of all. The Source
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Sunnybrook1Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Very pretty~ :o Love the alternate limbs, especially the graceful horns and fish-tail. :D

Though with her eyebrow almost blending in with her bangs, and that sharply angled fang, it makes her look a bit evil... :O_o:

*includes gentler example*
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The fangs IMHO symbolize the diamond dogs, who are, after all, part of the world too.
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M00N-CHASERHobbyist General Artist
Yes! That was the idea.
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Why? For what purpose? What reason? Why kill all life?
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