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Commission: Tempest's Horn

"Tempest Shadow with her horn restored with a Crystalline prosthesis, fashioned after some arcane texts found in the Castle of the Two Sisters."

This was a fun, relatively quick piece. I'm not entirely sure how it ended up on derpi before I uploaded it, but whatever! It's all good.
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She could get a screw on version so she could try different styles for a different day, maybe even go with unusual designs like a glode or something like a trident. Different designs giving off different effects.

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Why do I feel like Chrysallis (or however you spell it) would be the pony to restore her horn, and then recruit her to take down the Mane 6. Tempest would fall for it because her horn was fixed, and her power was back and more powerful than ever. 
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Queen buggy didnt restore it, they used a kind of crystal.
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I know, I’m just giving my own input to who may end up restoring her horn, and how Tempest would react. Nothing to do with the crystal horn replacement here 😋
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This - can we please see something like this in canon! :)
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That looks very nice.  I'm glad she got a new horn.
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That'd be nice. :)
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I love creative solutions to her broken horn outside of simply totally fixing it
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Awwwwww... her expression is wonderful by seeing this new horn. Beautiful piece of art :)
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DAAAAAAAWWWWWWW! That's so SWEEET! This literally made my day, great job!
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Why do I wanna reach in there and hug it...........................
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Looks like Stalhrim from Skyrim. Love it.
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wow! I think Tempest Shadow finally got her horn transplant! 
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Aetherium was one of the rarest minerals known to Equestrians, with some of the strongest magical properties ever recorded. To any mage worth their salt, it was more precious than diamonds.
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This is wonderful and sweet at the same time! :D 
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