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Commission: Rites of Ascension: Book Two

Commission done for CvBrony's story of the same name.

You can find the story here:…
It's in my queue to read, but essentially, a very different take on Twilight becoming an alicorn. The quick explanation: She has to EARN those wings.

This was a massive piece to do with 9 characters (only 3 full body, though) and a large background. These big things are an excellent and fun challenge, but probably not something I'll take on again anytime soon. 
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i reconize obsidian armor, twilight, celestia, luna, spike, trixie, rainbow but who are the others

Middle right is Charlemane and bottom right is Bismare

I really love the sence of whimsy and majesty in your art work ,really first rate.
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This came out beautiful, I absolutely love how the princesses turned out:wow:
Duder-Skanks's avatar
I can't believe I only found this now. Beautiful work, by the way.
GERsuperMAN's avatar
i like how you did luna amd the white mane mare
This is mindblowing :0 Great job!
Infrasonicman's avatar
Hmm well she did earn her wings, the episode just did a bad job of showing it and was more concerned with making a song and dance and contrived magic.

Anyway epic picture, it does make one wonder what's going on in the fic. =)
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Awesome artwork! :)
PaperDrop's avatar
lovely work :3
cajobif's avatar

This is looking so great, Silfoe.

Awesome work. This fanfic is on my list.
I'm going to go read it!
SnowyGodenheart's avatar
That flippin awesome I can't even explain!
AenbrDraws's avatar
I think it's awesome! An awesome cover for an awesome story.
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If it's not too hard and each character is on a separate layer would you consider uploading a version of this with just the background, Celestia, and Luna? I think it would be really pretty :)
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
Ah, yes. I remember this fiction. It wasn't what I expected, and couldn't bring myself to finish it. My fault.

The picture looks fantastic ^^
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Beutyfull!!! Love it :D
Fragnostic's avatar
Omigosh omigosh! So awesome!
RareWalker's avatar
This is possibly the best work you've done yet. Great job! 
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