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Commission: Nightmare Nyx

By SilFoe
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A cover for an upcoming story titled: "Nightmare Nyx: Protector of Ponies" for the writer Recon777.
You can find his author page and the updates on progress here:…
You can find the story itself here:…

This story is simultaneously a sequel to "Past Sins" and a prequel to "Fallout: Equestria" being set in the Great War period. You can find more info in that link up there.
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UltraTheHedgetoasterHobbyist Artist
I like how this looks both like a perfectly crafted collectable as well as the genuine article. Looking awesome! Faved. :)

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If kkat wanted to try it, I'd really be interested in Fallout Equestria 2 having Nyx as The Sole Survivor of Stable-111, returning to a world where all her friends and relatives are gone (with the exception of Fluttershy and the software ghost of Celestia). A world smashed into ruins with every aspect of the society she once knew gone to dust. This leaves the Last True Alicorn with a terrible burden and duty to carry as she tries to make right the disaster that her mother and her friends had inflicted on the world.

You see, kkat never identified the new Bearer of the Element of Magic at the end of Fo:E. Can you honestly think of anypony better for the job?
Recon-777's avatar
That's definitely not the story I'm writing. But... if you want to read about Nyx in the wasteland, AlchemyStudent is writing that one. It's called Sins of an Alicorn.

It's not really something I'd expect Kkat to write, though she'd probably do a good job with it. The thing is, the "x character shows up in the Wasteland" story has been done to death. There are three thousand Fo:E side stories, most of them dealing with the Wasteland. I thought it'd be much, much more interesting to spice it up and depict a world which is in the process of sinking deeper into an international war, long before the apocalypse.

Story's coming along fantastic, by the way! I've got about 115,000 words written. Publishing a new chapter tomorrow.
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Cps43327097Student General Artist
Oooh very rare amiibo. Available only in Equestria, to get it you need to have both Twilight Sparkle and Nightmare Moon.
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i know you didnt write the title but i think it should be 
KNIGHTmare Nyx: Protector of Ponies 
Recon-777's avatar
I felt that was just a touch too punny. Switched it to straight-up Nightmare spelling to avoid further confusion and questions.
tyruvelp's avatar
unless a play on words = pun (in which case i have been living under a rock) i was not thinking of it as a pun (intentionally that is) 

protector of ponies = knight

female pony = mare 

night = continued association with nightmare moon which she wants no part of - that and the fact that she does not have the nightmare moon's mane here in this picture but rather her own 

but that is just me and it is your story - lol - ill look it up when it is COMPLETED

it is a sin though that pen stroke hasn't written more about her 

it is also a sin that this is just a picture and not an actual figuring that i can buy and place on my desk (WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY...)
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Haha yeah believe me I wish I could have this as a physical figurine too! SilFoe's work is just THAT good.

I too wish Pen Stroke had written more about Nyx. When I got the inspiration for this story, it had not been more than a few weeks since reading Past Sins, and I was really hoping someone else had finished her character arc showing how she turned out as an adult. So this whole thing was literally born out of a desire to see THIS story and since nobody else made it, I had to do it myself. :)

If you're going to wait till it's finished, it might be a pretty long wait. It's a three act story, and act one is pretty close to being fully drafted, weighing in at 80k words and will easy break 100k before it's done. Acts 2 and 3 I'm less sure about, but I would not be surprised if it ends up being 250k words and another twelve months before it's finished. If you like waiting for content, I'd recommend checking it out at the end of act one. You could think of it as the first book in a three book trilogy, really. :)
Recon-777's avatar
Just so everyone is aware (in case I decide to do this) the story itself is garnering an unusual amount of negative attention for several reasons, one of which is the name. I meant the name to be a symbolic thing, but apparently all people can view it as is a typo. I MIGHT change the story title to "Nightmare" rather than "Nitemare". If I do, I'll let SilFoe know. I may have to wait to see if the EQD approval passes through first, since I think the story's URL might also change.

Also - it's so cool to see SilFoe's amazing work on this piece being recognized by a lot of people. She really went all out with it, and I'm very humbled to have such amazing cover art for my story!
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Oh my gosh! She is gorgeous!

About the fic... Wait! what? Interesting...

Awesome work on this one.
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Wow! Nyx looks incredibly beautiful!
The way you drew her like the detail of her armor covering her neck and her face, the strong build of her body, her godlike wings it gives her a very strange tragic vibe to it. Then again she's a beautiful and fascinating tragic heroine/villain. :happycry:
Snowsky102's avatar
Gorgeous! Love it!
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NicolasDominiqueProfessional Artist
Hmm, that's interesting xd
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Tyraka628Hobbyist General Artist
A Past Sins and Fallout Equestria crossover...unexpected, but interesting.
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ODST4900Hobbyist Photographer
Be vigilant would have probably been more appropriate. Good job though!
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To those who read this and choose to see the story for yourself, ignore the red bar.

Recon-777 made a mistake, he spread it everywhere attracting the ire of two hate groups, those who hate Nyx, and those who hate FoE.

They would have found him eventually, but by then we could have hoped that enough love would have been given that they wouldn't have cared.

Since he put it everywhere at once, it was thrashed.

I'm willing to bet that at least fifteen of the twenty downvotes didn't even read the first sentience, just saw that it had either Nyx or FoE and hated it.

Don't judge the story by those who wish it gone, judge it yourself, if you feel it needs work explain how, and if you like it explain why.

Prove that there are those who care, those who want to see this go on.

I have done all I can do, I told him his mistake in spreading the word so wide, and I've submitted this to the FoE group here.

Prove, that there are those who care people, and judge the story on the contents, not the cover, not the description, and especially not by the fact that it's a continuation of Past Sins set in the FoE universe.

Let's give this story all we can, and let's make it one of the best examples of FoE or Past Sins out there!
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GERsuperMANHobbyist Digital Artist
is... is that Luna?
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SilFoe Digital Artist
That is Nyx, a character from a well-known fanfiction. She's sort of related to Luna in a weird way.
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GERsuperMANHobbyist Digital Artist
oh that sounds cool, maybe it is a part of luna that left her when she turned to nightmare moon? anyways she is awesome
Recon-777's avatar
Specifically it's Nightmare Moon resurrected in a body of her own, apart from Luna. But the spell was interrupted and she was created as a filly with no memories of her identity.
Fantastic premise. The story of Nyx's character arc just begged to be finished, so I'm finishing it.
LittleAl16's avatar
Though I feel like I should point out, canonically, Nightmare Moon wasn't really a part of Luna to begin with. Considering that Nightmare Moon does come back at some point, as Nightmare Rarity.
Recon-777's avatar
Comics aren't canon.
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