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Commission: Luxander



Commission done for bith-the-black of his oc. Designing pony armor is always fun.

Commissioner's description (copied verbatim):
Luxander Sparkle is now the second artificial alicorn to have been created by the spell crafted by Spell Nexus of Canterlot. Originally Nexus designed the spell to revive Nightmare Moon from what remained of her magics and the blood of Twilight sparkle. The result however was the first artificial alicorn Nyx Sparkle. While the same base spell was used to create Luxander, the components were far different and vastly more powerful. The remains of King Sombra's horn were combined with the blood of both Princess Cadence and Shining armor, and a sample of pure mana from the Crystal Heart. These ingredients were thought to be capable of reviving the fallen king of shadows and making him immune to the magics that had defeated him before; however instead it produced a single alicorn foal of maybe 6 years, a kind and innocent soul with a heart full of wonder and joy. This foal was the Crystal Hearts ultimate defense against the revival of Sombra, for now it had traped the greatest threat to the crystal empire in the soul of an innocent. Luxander became a light to contain, and heal, the broken soul of the fallen king who in years to come would claim a new title along side his "brother". Now they are know as Luxander Nightshade Sparkle, Prince of the crystal empire, the adopted "sons" of Cadence and shining armor. Luxander's ultimate goal in life... is to see his brother restored to a living form. As for Luxander's "shadow"... he is content to live as he is, loved by his family.

Thanks to Silfoe for this comission, she is frakin awesome and i looooooooooooooooooove her work. Also thanks to Pen Stroke ( plz link his account....i dont know how T.T) for writing the awesome fic that inspired this oc, if anyone wants to read it the link is below.…  

Commissions are open:…
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Love the look of this one. Made me think of my little one.