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Commission: Generosity

By SilFoe
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Third commission in a series for unlikeablePony
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Wow they both llook fantasic
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She is his treasure, everything else is to make her happy.
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Now that spike is a badass
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Hussars get even to Equestria xD
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I like very much
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Those Wings OoO.
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This looks amazing!  Well done!
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Empress Rarity: "Oh, hello there. Why yes, I DID know about your little assassination plot. Oh, don't give me that look--did you honestly think that you would make it THIS far without getting spotted by any guards? Please, darling! The moment you 'sneaked' in, Spike and I knew you were coming. Speaking of Spike, he's rather miffed that you want to kill me, as you can see. He also might be a bit hungry. Are you, Spike dear?

"...That growl means 'yes', by the way. Just thought you should know. Darling.

"Well, my dear little would-be assassin, I have business to attend to. Spike, would you please deal with the ruffian?"
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[With a gulp, yet another assassin is sent down his gullet, the assassins' muffled screams fading as the bulge disappeared into his body. Snorting, Spike shifts back down from his cathedral-sized body down to his preferred size, to be with his wife]

Consort Spike: "There, done as you commanded, my Empress. That would be the 8th assassin for this month alone. Really, somepony is getting desperate to off you. Not that I complain; it's not like they ever had a chance, and that just means plenty more morsels for me."

Empress Rarity: "Well, my love, I guess I was right about you being hungry."

Consort Spike: "More like famished; I haven't felt truly full ever since the last war. I restrain myself from eating so much so to not bankrupt you beautiful empire. If I could, I would eat half of Grogar's Army right now!"

Empress Rarity: "Darling, you DID eat half of Grogar's army!"

Consort Spike: "I know, dear. If you and your legions haven't decimated the other half I might have devoured them too... and probably the city of Tambelon by myself."

Empress Rarity: "Just like you had with Garble's dragon pack, those monsters from the Everfree, that alliance of Diamond Dog hedge kingdoms, and those invading Griffon armies and raiders. It never ceases to surprise me how often you solve your problems by EATING them, but I suppose that comes with your true size being close to that of a mountain. Thank our dear friend Archmage Twilight for teaching you size-shifting and spatial compression spells; otherwise I don't know how they all fit into your belly in their tens of thousands!"

Consort Spike: "Well, I had ravaged our enemies with my claws and fires, as much as those I had devoured. I am ever thankful for my surrogate mother's teachings... though I wish she taught me the spell to cure indigestion; I think some of those I had eaten are still alive inside me, hardy they are, and giving me heart-burns every now and then." [He clamps his muzzle shut briefly as he tries to suppress an un-royal burp] "Now, about those assassins... have our thestral agents any clue as to who sent them?"

Empress Rarity: "As a matter of fact, they have! It seems that our neighbor in the south is trying to remove me before advancing her territorial desires with her Changeling host."

[At this news, Consort Spike's draconic eyes lit up with unholy light, and his muzzle contorted to a menacing, snarling grin, revealing all his fearsome teeth. Rage bubble to the surface at the thought of the Queen who dare to try harming his beloved spouse]

Consort Spike: "She will pay for her transgression, my beloved Empress. What do you need me do?"

Empress Rarity: "I plan to surprise her: our armies shall gather near the Macintosh mountains, but not at the narrow passage way our enemy would plan to defend and invade from. With your true form and power, you shall carve your way through the mountain range, to make a new passageway for our own counter-invasion deep into her territory. Afterwards, you have free reign upon their frontier armies and strongholds. Do not worry about any innocents caught in the cross-fire of your righteous rampage, for they are in the towns and cities we shall capture, far off from where many of their warriors are garrisoned. Go forth, my mighty consort: crush the battle swarms of the Changelings, humble their arrogant Queen, and show everyone the folly of threatening our harmonious empire and our subjects."

[Spike purred with delight, nostril smoking and his tongue is licking his teeth. The time for war had come: once again, a whole realm to plunder for treasure; once again, countless enemies in their thousands to feast upon and satisfy his endless hunger; once again, countless more foes to be crushed, burn, toyed with and be annihilated to sate his blood-lust, all in the name of his beloved spouse and her equally beloved realm. Even now, he struggles to keep his excitement from boiling over, lest his inherent draconic savagery break free of his thin veneer of civility and self-control]

Consort Spike: "As you command, my dear, it shall be done..."
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[Deliciously badass, pun intended. :D]
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[Just imagine the absolute horror that is about to happen to any Changeling field army or fortress garrison that is about to cross his path.]
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[Yeah, they're in for hell. Though at least Spikezilla will be leaving the civilians mostly alone, since Rarity *specifically* ordered him to go after armies...which is apparently a contention point for him, given that she told him "not to worry about innocents in his path".]
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[I have a tendency of making alternate universe Spikezillas very... vicious, do I? 

I would imagine he has a soft side though; his and Rarity's dragon/pony children and grandchildren, and those of their friends and subjects, never really suspect that their doting, loving and wise grandparent/uncle/ruler has a another side of a creature of mass destruction who decimated entire hostile kingdoms and have a kill count in the millions.

I wonder what Emperess Rarity and Consort Spike do with Queen Chrysalis and what's left of the Changeling Empire...]
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[Well, given how destructive his CANON greed-growth self's not much of a stretch. Plus, Badass Spike is always cool.

Yeah, I can see this version of him being a big softie OFF the battlefield...he IS still Twilight's surrogate son, after all. Though the kids he loves FINDING OUT about his "other side" must be among his worst nightmares.

Chrysalis...if she's not eaten, burned, or squished by Spike, she'll probably end up SHRUNKEN to the size of a mouse by Spike's size-spell (possibly combined with non-magical dragon fire?) and given to his beloved Empress Rarity--or Archmage Twilight--as a pet/toy/trophy/lab rat.

Her soon-to-be-former Empire might fare better, though--given how Rarity spoke of her armies CAPTURING cities and towns, and assured Spike there would be no innocents in his path; the Changeling lands and their inhabitants will likely be conquered and annexed/vassalized by Empress Rarity, NOT purged and exterminated.]
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Yeah, I can see this version of him being a big softie OFF the battlefield...he IS still Twilight's surrogate son, after all. Though the kids he loves FINDING OUT about his "other side" must be among his worst nightmares.

The dropped folder landed upon the marble floor with a resounding clatter. Pages and photos disgorged into a spread upon the floor, exposed in the sunlight. All of its contents were revealed in all its damning glory. They told of a story of carnage and destruction on an unthinkable scale: cities flattened, citadels demolished, armies ravaged and slain in their countless thousands. It tells of the story of a monster of unspeakable power who wrought utter pain and ruin upon a enemy realm like a merciless storm, annihlating all before it in a orgy of blood and fire.

Consort Spike of the Equestrian Empire looked down upon the pages, and then looked back up at the Alicorn mare who threw it in front of him. He knew right in that moment that his fears had come to pass.

"T-t-tell me this isn't true, uncle." Princess Skyla of the Crystal Empire asked, begged, to the great figure in front of her, the serene and beautiful visage that once looked up and held him in awe, twisted by shock, horror and utter disbelief. "Please... " She asked, tears rolling down her eyes "Tell me this isn't you..."

"Skyla..." Spike began, but he hesitated. For once, Spike the Wise was at a loss for words for the children that once adored and looked to him for wisdom. "It's not what it looks - "

"It... how could you?" She asked, softly and quietly at first, filled with despair and denial. Then, she all but screeched like a banshee, "HOW COULD YOU?!"
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I love how Rarity is calm and serene while Spike looks angry and vicious--like she's gonna tell him to attack some poor sap in about two seconds. XD
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Wow! This turned out amazing! It was fun to watch you draw this. ^_^
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Thanks! Glad it was enjoyable even when being worked on!
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Awesome Spike!  And Rarity is gorgeous!
However, I find the heavy detail on Spike's hands to be a little distracting. Especially with the forearm and tail in the center of your pic appearing bare.
But really, this is a very beautiful work you've done!
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