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Commission: Awadd: Now Comes the Night

Commission for :iconawadd:

Copied from his initial commission request, because he said it better than I can:
"My idea is that while the Elements of Harmony stripped Luna of Nightmare Moon’s influence—whether possession, an adopted persona, or a super-powered evil side I don’t know, and it’s really not important—they didn’t re-write her personality, meaning that she still has to deal with the emotions that led her to becoming Nightmare Moon in the first place. Living in a new time, new culture, and among new ponies would just make it harder.

I imagine that she spent a good many nights alone, struggling with her fear, anger, and jealousy, wondering why she’s still feeling these emotions that she doesn’t want, desperately trying not to fall back into the same traps all over again, paralyzed because she’s afraid to go to someone for help but at the same time knows she needs it, and terrified of herself because she doesn’t know which side is going to win out in the end."
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I know it's a commission, not your idea (and well done btw.) - but I can't grasp the idea that Celestia wouldn't have been reading those letters WITH Luna and helping her learn, maybe taking in some insight as well. 

What was the episode where Celestia sends back every single letter that Twilight sent to her. Those letters were not cast aside or forgotten. 
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I turned my loptop upside down to read the letter >.<
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Big Sis, to the rescue.
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The detail on this is amazing! I find it interesting that Luna is reading one of Twilight's friendship letters.
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im curious what the letter says.
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It's Twilight's Friendship Report from Zecora's first episode, the "never judge a book by it's cover" one. 
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The brightest light casts the darkest shadow
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:iconnightmaremoonplz:: "You'll never be rid of me forever, Luna. I'll always be here, watching and waiting for you to grow weak again, and in your weakness, I will grow strong."

:iconprincesslunaplz:: "Be silent! Keep your forked tongue behind your teeth!"

:iconnightmaremoonplz: "It is only a matter of time, Luna."

:iconprincesslunaplz: "SHUT UP! LEAVE ME ALONE!"

:iconprincesscelestiaplz: "Is something wrong, sister?"

:iconprincesslunaplz: "N-no, Tia. Everything is fine."

:iconnightmaremoonplz: "Only a matter of time . . ."
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powerful scene, support what many think about this, Luna´s eternal fight inside her heart and mind to control that dark emotions to drive it insane and make her Nightmare Moon, excellent job n_n
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Since everything's been said already: this is all sorts of perfect.
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What does her note say?
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It's Twilight's report from "Bridle Gossip" aka the Zecora episode.
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Aw... poor Luna... :( :( :(
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such beautiful colors and shading! plz do more of this!
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This needs more attention.
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This is already above average on a commission, so I'm pleased with it. I am glad, however, that you think it needs more ^_^
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You really took that description to your heart, the drawing fits it perfectly.
Nightmare Moon is so well done, with all that smoky and ghostly appearance, ferocious eyes and fangs sharp as a razor.
Luna reading the letter from Twilight, longing to be able to feel the same way, or to be seen this way.
And Celestia, a look of concern and worry counterbalanced by her nightmarish shadow, somehow underlined with that single feather.

This is awesome!
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luna is afraid of herself?
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Kinda? I think the intent was that she's afraid of slipping back to the state of mind that created Nightmare Moon.
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