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Celestial Practice 4: Bacchestia


A painting that I had intended to do in one sitting took four. BUT IT'S DONE. ...and I've remembered that I hate painting leaves and fruit.

A ponification of Caravaggio's Bacchus Bacchus-Caravaggio (1595) by SilFoe with way more saturation and color than his... My reasoning is this is it when it was new so hadn't faded with age and she's royal so she can pay for more pigments... Also because I like color.
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beautiful! I really like that the picture is painted in the style of old portraits of the 19th century.
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Very interesting! I don't see a lot of MLP interpretations of classical artworks :).
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Dare I say I like this better than the original itself? Wonderful work!
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This looks fantastic!! :love:
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this is a great picture. I really like the idea of ponification of classics art works.
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Your version is better, I love it.
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her eyes i love it 
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Absolutely beautiful!
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I want to commission you now :O
this is a really cool painting! i love it
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wow!! Absolutely love it :D Honestly I hope to have painting technique anywhere near you in future haha. I would be happy =P

What lovely natural looking lighting.
HAHA! I love it!
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Wow! This looks beautiful and fantastic! And the light and shading effects are amazing! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Quite impressive!
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I'm really sorry, but my english is just too poor for now to properly translate thoughts came into my mind when I saw this art. So, there's some poetic fluff in my native language, heh:

Виноградинка взрывается во рту пронзительно-кислым вкусом. В ноздри бьёт запах молодого вина — терпкий, будоражащий, пряный как закатное солнце. Под пылающей жаром ладонью прохладная шелковистая шёрстка над гладким копытцем приминается, одним только прикосновением лаская кожу. Тонкая улыбка словно застыла в текучем движении, оттеняя непривычно легкомысленный взгляд. Ветра нет и мелодичный смешок летит без помех, звонко, чисто, беззаботно. Мгновение длится и длится, пока не сменяется следующим, столь же восхитительно бесконечным. Вакхестия.

Sincerely hope someone of your friends can retell it to yougood enough. Thanks for great work.
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WOW, amazing ponification of Bacchus!! :D Very very well done!
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Now this is really cool, nicely done.
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oh wow, that is stunning :o
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