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Celestial Practice 1: Old Masters Palette

I got a new book of art stuff, "Color and Light" by James Gurney and I want to practice some with it. Who knows how far I'll actually get but even a little practice doesn't hurt. I figured I could basically do a whole bunch of pictures of Celestia so I could get my practice in with my favorite princess!

So the first practice was old master's palette. I have some experience with this years ago with oil painting, so it was a great refresher and something I should've tried to do digitally a LONG time ago. The violet in her eyes is the only thing you can't make with an earth tone palette, but considering she is royal, it's historically accurate to use a little bit of expensive blue pigments, even for an informal portrait like this. The composition is definitely modern though.
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Wow! That came out wonderfully!
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Your artwork is beautiful and amazing! 

also Tia is my favorite as well Love
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Wow, it's beautiful!
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Did you base it of anything in the book? Or did you already know about some palette?
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I have some experience with old master works. I had been an oil painting student and we were often tasked with recreating old masterpieces. I used to copy Caravaggio a lot. We learned how to construct it from a Burnt Umber base, use a wipe out method, then build it all up with earth tones, as in, the pigments all came from the soil. Color was applied last. all that
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Wow, I am in love! Your work is incredible :D
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Oh? This mean we are going to have even more epic pieces made by y-

Wait! Celestia is your favorite? I thought it was Luna! Unless you mentioned it a while back and I forgot... Mmmm. Maybe.

BEautiful work on this one.
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I love both of them and Twilight. Twilight is favorite pony overall, Celestia is favorite princess, Luna is favorite... I'm not sure, but she is well loved.
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That's okay. Sometimes I struggle myself between Celestia and Luna being my favorite.

But Luna is most the time for me. Same choice for best pony.
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Draw as much Tia as you please, ma'am. I've absolutely nothing against it :D
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This is very nice, beautiful.
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Oh, that's nice!
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It's so... classical. And this brown mane looks quite natural. I like the style very much, definitely it is something new among similar pony-drawings.
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Magnificent /)
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This gives me tons of inspiration just looking at it. Beautiful job. Her hair and eye are my favorite parts.
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Lovely picture.
Obviously the young Celly.. I bet she's lookin' at some stallion and either decided to be his rival or just woo him...

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