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Celestia speedpainting

I didn't time it exactly (will check the stream recording later), but this took a little less than an hour.
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tell your mother ''congrats on your new artist!''
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This is beautiful!! :)
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Wait. UNDER AN HOUR?????? This would take me MONTHS to even YEARS to do something like this at the level I'm currently at. o_o
Really amazing, you're such a talented artist!+fav +fav Clap La la la la 
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Oh my god this is amazing (I downloaded) :D
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That artwork is amazing!
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Its gorgeous
If only my talents could progress to be so amazing
this art is far from amazing!!! its LEL 2000000 % cooler then other art!!!
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gritty and realistic. well done!
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/) *brohoof* (\
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Nice speedpainting. :)
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great job! it feels as if youve captured the regal beauty of celestia in this.
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my mind just wentExplode la plz 
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This is much better then all your simple-shaded arts.
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Really wonderful
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Sweet merciful Luna, that is a freaking epic style.
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Oh my god Celestia...

That is amazing. A pretty dramatic pose too. Along with the colouring, shading, heck even the sketchiness makes it look incredible.
Insta-fave *3*
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>little less than an hour

Okay first of all how dare you.

Seriously though I'm absolutely floored that you managed to create something so dramatic and well-constructed with so little time!
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Trust me, I'm a little shocked I managed to do that, too.
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