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Cadence's Favorite Day

Hearts and Hooves Day is HER holiday.

Stupid idea behind this: Ponies send her valentine/hearts n' hooves day stuff. They send her chocolates and letters and all sorts of related things, asking for her favor on this day... Never realizing of course that it is all beyond her power to actually do anything. But it makes them feel good and she loves the free stuff and ALL the love going on. Shining doesn't mind one bit, either.
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shining: so, how many letters and chocolate boxes you got this year?
cadence: 532 letters and 94 chocolate boxes. and bottle of vine.
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Why should Shining Armor mind when he gets a boatload of free chocolate?
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She could hire a dragon to professionally guard her chocolate hoard.  Headcanon get.
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:icontwilightsparkleplz: "Spike would eat it all on her, unfortunately."
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And then Cadence grew three times her size, revealing that, like dragons, she too grew when she amassed a hoard. Either that, or it was just what comes of eating so much chocolate.
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Thought I repost this comment from Derpibooru:

Alicorns have a hoarding instinct similar to dragons, but each one has a different definition of "treasure." Celestia surrounds herself with happy ponies. Luna tends to her stars. Twilight has her friends and her books. Cadence…

Well, there’s a reason the others try to obsess over items that either aren’t comfortable when put in a big pile, aren’t comfortable with being put in a big pile, or are intrinsically tied to the night sky.
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Cadance is like

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I think she's saying, "I'm going to get SOOOO FAT!"
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that face is absolutely precious
Ashoof's avatar
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Valentine nirvana
matty4z's avatar
lol nice
but this does sort of show the real level of
gifts to guys or girls lol 
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Cadance: Ooohhhhhhh!!!! I love, love, LLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE hearts and hooves day!!! It is the best day of the year after Hearth's Warming day for me! So many cards..... so many love letters... so many romantic dinners with flowers, wine and candles...
Shining Armor:.... and so many chocolates boxes that the mares won't even eat a single one. I guess I know who will eat them.
Cadance: Shining! Love! You know very well I like chocolate too!
Shining Armor: Oh! I know you love it. But I also know that you like to keep yourself slim.
Cadance: *blush* But... I guess I'm not the only one who like to see myself slander and... lean. *grin*
Shining Armor: What do you m- Oh! Uh... Umm... Oh! Cruel fate... I must sacrifice myself.... and eat all of those for you....
Cadance: Careful, Shining. I don't want my stallion becoming chubby because of eating too much chocolate...
Shining Armor: Uh... I... I'll be careful...

Gosh! I like her expression. I like Cadance a lot. Wonderful work.
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Her face is perfect. =D
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Sorry for this but:
Shining:''I just like this day course of the night with her and the candy i can eat from all her lovers.'' Like it.
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Yay Cadence! :D Looking cute in all her gifts! I love her face, like she's going to use all that stuff and the books to make a little Valentines fort. :p
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She's like a dragon on its nest of gold and jewellery... except with love and valentine stuff instead. :3
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Also, on a side (though obvious) note... I'm sure this is Chrysalis' favorite holiday too. ;)
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I wonder what celestia gets in certain holidays. A sun tan.
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Wouldn't it be funny if it turned out her favorite holiday was actually Arbor Day or something XD
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Reminds me of Luna's giant Candy offering pile on nightmare night.

Now I feel bad for Celestia not having a candy offering day of her own XD
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Candy gets sticky (and melty if it's chocolate) during the Summer Sun festival, otherwise I'm sure that would be her candy offering day.
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