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Don't know why. I haven't drawn Celestia in armor in a while. So have a relatively quickly painted young Celestia ready for battle.
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Celestia is best princess and best warrior!!! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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I pity any fool that goes up against this Princess. Can you say flame broiled enemies? lol
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XD   She looks like she's got dragon scales on! I love the gradient look you gave to her purple gem. ^ ^
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She looks so beautiful.
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And of course, my mind instantly goes to Battleborne – Two Steps From Hell

There is fire in the air I am breathing
There is blood where the battles rage
These are the faces I will not remember
Will I fight for the Queen or the Slave?

The treacherous part to play with a heart of Courage!

Probably because :iconassasinmonkey: played TSFH endlessly when I first began watching you two!

My head-canon is this is Celestia's first Battle Royale against the combined forces of Sombra and Chrysalis, and is where she first gains her true powers by channeling the magic and energy of the Sun. Hence, she doesn't yet have her prismatic/flowing mane, yet, but will after the battle. Unfortunately, it is also the showdown where Luna is first turned by Sombra's seeds of doubt and jealousy.


Just something I've been noodling around with.

Also ...


princess Luna

I mean, seriously, your version of Luna's night armor is Totes McGoats!

Despite the defeat of Nightmare Moon, many of her followers did not surrender in the face of the rising Sun and the darkening of the Mare of the Moon. Their stronghold is the walled cities of Manehatten and Fillydelphia, but Celestia has already taken the Lunar Republic's capital during her duel with Nightmare Moon, and her army is ready to besiege the cities. Hopefully without the total loss of the cities like during the Siege of Xenophon.

Though weaken Celestia leads from the front, in the same armor she wore in her duel. The only addition is the amethyst stone on her torq, Dagrau y lleuad or the Tears of the Moon, the condensed magic left by her sister in her last act before the Nightmare took over. Her sister's magic strengths her, and grants Celestia the power to move the Moon as well as the Sun.
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Damn, GraysonPaladin

Twilight Sparkle (wow) plz

Head-canon accepted!

MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy 
Thank you, it makes me happy when others don't' think my raveings are insane.

I do have to ask, which part? Whole things, the part about the war, or the part about the stone?
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Nice, nice! :la: More of this, please!
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Whoa! She seriously look great. Maybe it's because we haven't seen her often this serious and possibly angry. Not the best time for a boop.

Awesome work
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I absolutely LOVE the lighting in this.
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Way better than the show pony armor.
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Where is Seth?
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looks mega the armor!
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I have to say you did a nice job. Well done with he armor.
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"All your cakes are belong to us!"
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My thoughts exactly, we need more badassery from her
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