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Bacchestia WIP


I couldn’t quite finish my weekly Celestia practice yesterday due to a combo of too much stuff in the painting and me coming down with something. But I like the WIP so far, got the basic idea down and the overall value structure in.

And yes, this is sort of a pony adaptation of Caravaggio’s “Bacchus” with some alterations to compensate for how different pony anatomy is and replacing some of the plants to better symbolize Celestia.

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This looks fantastic! I love the texture to it!😊
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now that looks amazing when are ya gonna finish it?
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Hopefully this Saturday in the usual livestream.
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than I could see you ;) XD maybe
Please finish this, this is awesome!
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Yup, I'll be trying to finish this in this upcoming Saturday's livestream
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What a lovely adaptation of one of my favorite paintings! I can't wait to see the finished product.
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Very cool, looks nice and really well done.
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In Caravaggio's painting Bacchus is extending his goblet, seemingly inviting the viewer. But in your painting Celestia seems to be guarding the goblet and carafe. Is this how you see Celestia, or are you perhaps projecting? Or maybe I'm the one projecting... ;)
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I hadn't really thought of it like that, to be honest. The lack of hands and wanting to keep an attractive turn to her forelegs led to the set up I have there. Having it float in magic brings its own challenges with defining where exactly in space it is as we're not used to floating things. But I think I can play with that when I come back to it.
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Well I was mostly trying to be funny, really. The pose you've made is very nice. It's not communicating the same feeling as the Caravaggio, but trying to recreate that would not be worth the effort, I'm guessing. And Celestia isn't Bacchus so perhaps it shouldn't.
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Excellent rendition of this classic work. :ahoy:
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She doesn't look amused by your artistic vision.
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
Aaaah! How cool! :la: I'll be looking forward to see this finished!
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This is going to look amazing when it's done <3
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As much as I am looking forward to the finished piece, I quite enjoy the half-finished as well.
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ArcticGryph0n's avatar
Wonderful job Sil! All your ponies are great but you always knock it out of the park with Celestia.
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