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Ascension Page 4

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The link to the next page goes to page 3 instead of 5.
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Angriest Celestia. :D
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Is that a warning fire camp? Are they bloody Rohan now?
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MagicaITrevorHobbyist Writer
I LOVE how Luna is gagging over Celestia flirting with him, and Celestia throwing Luna the "I'm going to KILL you if you * block me, bitch..."
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Who builds a city over a cliff like that? I never understood it. I want to see it teeter and crumble.
Maddog3060's avatar
Her face! That whole "You did NOT just interrupt my macking!"
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RainyMomentsHobbyist Digital Artist
:rofl: Tia's face is pure gold.
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Nice. Very nice, very diffrent story. :)
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Don't worry Moonbutt. I appreciate you. I mean, ever since Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, I've had nightmares about the moon coming to kill me, but I will always appreciate and fear the Goddess that protects my dreams and butt from maniacal laughing moons.
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CrownClownsHobbyist Photographer
is that a shack in the corner
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SilFoe Digital Artist
yup, a station for that guard posted to light that emergency beacon there in case something nasty is headed for Canterlot
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You just gain a new watcher :3
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"Lulu? Quit. It."

"Awww... Is lovey-dovey Tia mad?"
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Long ago, many of the cities of Equestria either had not been built or were so different as to be unrecognizable to modern eyes, but Canterlot is eternal and unchanging. To this day historians cannot agree about whether it was built or discovered. Every other week, there is ritual sparring between those who believe it was built by unicorns at the end of the Warring Tribes period and those who believe it is a remarkably complex natural formation, in order to provide a safe outlet for frustration.
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They're wearing horseshoes.

I'm brilliant!
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I am always so happy when you update, your comic is great!
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Celly does not approve... To the MOOOOON with you Luna
caballero-nocturno's avatar
lol Celestia's face xD
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Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
I like their shoes
Coincidence? Just saw How It's Made an hour ago featuring horseshoes.
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Lifts?! Whatever happened to those?
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SilFoe Digital Artist
Trains happened and became the most efficient and safe way of getting to Canterlot... and those air balloon ships, regular hot air balloons, and magic advanced to allow the enchanting of wagons to fly behind pegasi. 

I probably won't be able to get into it much, but the lifts are physically hard to work and sorta rickety, making them not the safest thing ever.
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Alexander-KrozzHobbyist General Artist
huh I thought those where just waterfalls untill you said that!
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Is that a beacon I am seeing in the distance at the left side?
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