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Oh no! Shipping! Actually not so much. This is about as much as happens in this comic. Besides, I think Celestia is just infatuated with the idea of someone who ISN’T from her little village.

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golden vullum huh, so which part of you is exactly "gold"
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I think Luna prefer A big strong warrior Pegasus.
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
Celestia has always been an attention whore.
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Axis-of-Rotation's avatar
Luna's expression in that first panel is priceless.
CrownClowns's avatar
5 bucks says thats star swirl or i may be totally bullshiting 
Erix19's avatar
I have yet to see a pony change their name so I doubt Golden Vellum will become Star Swirl.
CrownClowns's avatar
eh, i can only hope
BenRG's avatar
Little sister pony sees no need to even pretend to be happy her sister may have a coltfriend! ;)
'Tia's got a crush! Luna's probably going to puke.
DemonicClone's avatar
Golden Vellum ?
odd name for a vegetarian pony.
so does he make cotton paper?
high quality paper of plant fibers?
or does he skin cows, goats, or sheep?
SilFoe's avatar
I was thinking he's responsible for recording important documents. Those sort of things are usually put down on vellum since it lasts much longer than regular papers.
DemonicClone's avatar
so his job is a scrivener.
what kind of vellum does he prefer to use?
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Somepony is a third wheel...
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, that is great Luna being the annoying are we there yet, also love her expressions.
Zalafina's avatar
Loving Luna's expression in the top panel!


MadamDeathStrike's avatar
his name is pretty darn brutal D:
SilFoe's avatar
The olden times were pretty brutal themselves. Bovine rights have come a loooong way... Or we could go with the happier idea and say that, because of magic, they discovered how to make something more like the modern vellum which is made from cotton.
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
Don't even think about it, Celestia. He will be dead before you notice it.
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