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Ascension: Page 16

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Quick question, you going to continue this? Cause it's one of my more favorite comics and I'd hate to see it unfinished
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Hey, remember when you were being so dismissive of those who couldn't perform active magic?
Oh, great. You cut off his collar, moonpie! Now how is his owner gonna find him!? You know he's different from the other kids.....
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To quote the webcomic Bob and George "I hear underestimation is the leading cause of death among super-villains these days." :P
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Never underestimate the power of the Luna...
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Oh nice one Luna.
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such mean fillies. all he wanted was to destroy everything and laugh at you and you girls go and be hero's. kids these days just don't respect their overlords.
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Time to put that famous Earth Pony endurance to the test... RUN, GIRLS!
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Sneaky young girls.
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And this is why we do not dis the earth ponies!
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Awesome! Glad to hear Celestia had a plan (or at least turned the situation around). 
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Run Luna run! Glad to see your still working on this, one of my favorite fandom works
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He who laughs last ends with his ass in a cast.
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And here again we can see a great way of drawing really good anatomy. Nice work as always =)
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And Luna's all 'take that, bitch!'
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Beautiful cinquedea Luna has there! I also like the composition of the panels; it makes the action very clear!
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o.O  These are the two sisters? WOW!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh look, he is not laughing anymore.

A bold move. I do not think they can outrun him...
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Wham and bam! He isnt going to thank them ma'am.
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