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Ascension Page 11

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The realization has hit me that with Grogar teased & Starswirl back this relationship might actually become canon.
Knightpony's avatar
Holds up a hoof and goes, "More!"
DoughnutJoe's avatar
Dang, Grogar is biiiiiiiiiiiig! And Luna holding a sword is cute. :)
PowerCat's avatar

Love the Detail, Love the Comic, Love the duck on the hat ;)
Yes, I absolutely agree, it's too early to be discussing the next prison. There are procedures, you know, and they say that right now it's time to discuss Grogar's plan.
Animatorsnake's avatar
Oh damn you using a Generation 1 villain, GENIUS!
Sturmlion1's avatar
Has anyone ever considered just killing there enemys rather than imprisoning them?
revan1801's avatar
Because there needs to be some entertainment every now and then. So they just lock them up and hope they'll eventually break out to cause more chaos and death.
Sturmlion1's avatar
She can wait for different enemys or just get a few orgys going.
Darth-Silas's avatar
Celestia didn't, and it came back to bite her in the sunbutt a few times.
Sturmlion1's avatar
Yes, which is why she should be rethinking her entire 'imprison the enemys or try to befriend them' ideals.
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Oh yeah, time to through down with Star Swirl the Breaded, this is gonna be good.
CrownClowns's avatar
shits going down, in about......... however long these comics usually take to make 
TromboneJason's avatar
for some reason, I read Grogar line in Uncle Scar's (lion king) voice in my head.
Jeremy Irons would be a good choice.
SilFoe's avatar
oooh, that would be a good voice for him
Darth-Silas's avatar
Jeremy Irons. He's a great actor and VA. 
jotunnheimar's avatar
Daaawwww He got tiny little bells on his horns
IcarusHector's avatar
woah, is this where starswirl gets all those bells he doesn;t have yet?
PurpleSquidz's avatar
jingle bells lool
Zannolin's avatar
An Woona's just sitting there with a sword
Brilliant! The dialogue is wonderfully wordy! I can't wait for more. You've actually inspired me to create my own comic
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