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Hmm I think i might do a drawing of this or a skech, most cuz i'm the goddamn lion and is the only one who can watch G3.5 ponies. P.S. LOVE IT!!!
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Used it here, hope you don't mind. [link]
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Nah, I don't mind :D What is PonySquare though?
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It's a Role Playing site.
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c-can I do a base ofthis please? ;w;
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Shure. It's based on the screenshot from the movie, so it's not my design per se.
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why would that be
Because we're all going to die someday, and the phrase "your [sic] a dead man" means that you will be dead in the future.
It does usually imply that the death will given by the speaker, but it's not necessary. It's similar to "dead man walking," and "he's a dead man" in that it just means that the person will shortly be dead.
Shortly of course is typically important, but with our universe the age that it is, a few seconds is practically the same as fifty years, so I figured it'd be okay to use.
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It's just a little uncalled for.
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RD:did someone say pie!
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Um, okay, sorry, but this looks kinda hawt :C
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