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Pony Plushie Pattern



The pattern I used to make my pony plush for the OC contest at my-little-plushie.deviantart.c…
The pony I made with this is here:
This pattern wouldn't exist if it weren't for :iconvoodoo-tiki: because this pattern was based off of their pony pattern which you can find here:

Sew the pieces together by matching the letters together. Example: A goes to A and E1 goes to E1. I find it easier to sew the pieces together at the marks first and sew the spaces in between later.
The number of times the pattern piece should be cut out is on each piece.
When you sew the two body pieces together, the space between G and F is where the tail goes.
The two "Head" pieces should not connect. The "Head 2" piece is supposed to be sewn between them.
Leave the space between L and M open.

EDIT: The adorable miss :iconbow-stitches: was nice enough to make a tutorial for my pattern that you can find here:

* If you use this pattern and upload pictures, PLEASE put the link to your pictures in the comments below. I REALLY want to see the ponies you make with this.
* If you use this pattern, credit me or link back to this page in the description so others can find this. I know it can be a little frustrating when somebody says they made something with a free pattern but doesn't say where they got it from.
* DO NOT claim this pattern to be your own. Stealing is wrong.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will answer any that you give me concerning the pattern.
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can we use commercially / for profit???