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MLP Plushie Contest: Blueberry Tart



EDIT: I uploaded the pattern [link]

This is my new ponysona Blueberry Tart. I haven’t had a chance to post anything else about her to my page but will in the future.

Physical features:
*Her cutie mark is a couple of blueberries and a leaf that represent her talent in farming blueberries.
*Her tail flips up to look like the top of a blueberry.
*Her eyes, nose, mouth, tail, cutie mark, and horn are hand-embroidered.
*She is entirely hand-sewn.
*Blueberry also has a wire skeleton in her body and tail.
*Made of double sided minky fabric, embroidery floss, polyester stuffing, thread, and wire.
*Her flank spots were drawn on with Copic markers.
*Stands 6”tall from her hoof to the tip of her horn and 6” from the tip of her mane to the tip of her tail.

Character Features:
*She is a cheerful young mare who loves spending time with her close friends but also doesn’t mind being on the farm by herself during long work days.
*She owns on a small blueberry farm where she lives every day happily picking her blueberries.
*I decided to make her a unicorn because it seemed like it made a lot more sense if she was picking blueberries all day and because her family is made up of unicorns.
*Her family consists of her mother(a successful jewelry designer in Canterlot), father(a successful businesspony, also in Canterlot), and older brother(a rising star in the restaurant business who owns a small chain of high-class restaurants around Equestria).
*Blueberry Tart absolutely adores her spots on her flank and sometimes paints more on with blueberry juice.
*She got her name because when she was just a newborn filly, her tail flipped up and her mother thought she looked just like a blueberry. She decided that blueberry HAD to be in her name but her father thought giving her too bland of a name would encourage her to be a less-refined pony. They eventually decided to name her Blueberry Tart because it was not too normal or too fancy.
*Even though her family members are high-class unicorns living in Canterlot, they totally support her decision to work on a farm. Her brother is by far the most supportive and proud of her though and is her main customer for selling blueberries.
*I chose her color based on the fact that blue is my favorite color and that eventually led to the idea of her being a blueberry pony.

Blueberry Tart isn’t an exact representation about me but instead a symbolic example of what I wish to be in the future. She represents what I want to be in several ways:
*Like Blueberry Tart, I want to own my own small business. My business however, will be a bakery selling cupcakes and other small sweet deserts.
*I really like spending time with my friends but don’t mind being by myself sometimes.
*I am a happy person much like Blueberry Tart but I am shy and hope to become more outgoing like her.
*I hope that my family will always support me like Blueberry and her family.
* I want to be confident about my appearance like Blueberry with her spots. I can be quite confident about how I look sometimes but other times, I get very self-conscious.

Additional notes:
*The pattern for the body is modified from :iconvoodoo-tiki: ‘s pony pattern.
*The pattern for the head, mane, and tail of my pony was made by me through trial and error and experimentation.
*I based the pattern for the embroidery of the eyes on a vector from :icondatnaro:
*I might upload the pattern for my pony in the future if anypony wants it.
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She is very cute! Well crafted!