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I'm gonna give Menace a sad bitch story. 


Menace's life was ruined from the moment he hatched. Sure, he was born into a new world where firescales weren't killed, but the taunting never left. The fear... never left. His sister, Pea Pie, always blamed him for taking her flame and leaving her sickly. His parents, were the same way, reminding him every chance they got that he was a firescale and that he would never be loved. When he was 7, he accidently set fire to his family home when he was practicing flying tricks. This only worsened his family's hate for him. Later in his life when he was free of them, he met the, now older, Peril. They exchanged their life stories and she told him he could always find a place to fit in like she had.


I low-key, referenced off 50 different eye tutorials to make his eye look as 3d as possible. (They're all in my favorites.) 

Also, shiny scales, yay.
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