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[Shipping intensifies?]

Quick, choose a team!
CADENCE for those who like Ship Flash-light (or just Shipping in general).
SHINING ARMOR for those who DON'T like Flash-light.
or TWILIGHT for those who simply don't care about it.

So... yeah, i know i've been absent for a while now (like 4 months i think), i was busy with school stuff and other personal things :blahblah:, BUT im finally back (kind of), and i wanted to celebrate it with something funny, so i made this :D. What do you all think?

I do this for fun, as a hobby, so don't expect to see high quality art here.
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Twilight is mad for both to not shut up! she want be ready for be in love with flash were she ready! no pony will tell her to do it were she not ready! twilight a fear to mess up, were she will tell her feeling for flash! she very shy! is not easy to be the sister-in-law of the love princess and be the little sister of the captien of all royal guard! poor twilight! hope her mom i not hear a word! is one thing she dont need!…..oh shit to later!
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I'm with Shining
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Somebody write a song about this.
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Princess Cadance is the authority on love, I side with her. 
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Don't choose Twi, it's not worth it. 
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personally im with Shining, i dont like flash-light ships xD
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