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all comment r welcome.. :)
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I love how the moisture in the air defines each layer of landscape, adds so much depth. Lovely contrasts!
Jaydehawk's avatar
Beautiful. Early morning mist/clouds rising?
Magical-Night's avatar
Cool shot :) it looks like there has been a fire..
dunkley's avatar
Fantastic shot, I think it would of been a little bit cooler if it was in colour =)
Betelgeux's avatar
i love this. i love how the mountains come up out of the clouds. it plays on the mystery and intrigue of fog so well.

beautiful photograph.
guillaumichaud's avatar
I've always liked foggy weathers.
ditya's avatar
mantep bgt boss..
kaya poto2nya ansel adam yaaa....:D
silentview's avatar
walahhh boss.. jauh banget lahhh :jawdrop:
goshgosh's avatar
gokil.. kabutnya bener2 ketangkep...
silentview's avatar
kebetulan kabut na lagi jinak boss, jd mudah nangkepnya.. :ahoy:
mangkodok's avatar
itu nge shot nya pake apa,"keren" :+fav:
silentview's avatar
thanks.. nge shot na pk nikon D100
analogtangerine's avatar
great atmosphere you captured here!! :popcorn:
bundestaag's avatar
keren bgt bos kabut2 gt
silentview's avatar
hehe thanks bos.. kebetulan aja dapet kabut :lolly:
bromo emank "surga" buat para photo hunterz
bundestaag's avatar
bromo.. iya sering bgt hunting bromo
silentview's avatar
hahaha.. thanks so much :hug:
h r u ?
poisonunic's avatar
woow woow wooooooow :clap:
silentview's avatar
thanks so much :hug: how r u ?
silentview's avatar
I'm fine too.. :hug: :ahoy:
poisonunic's avatar
thanks I'm fine:aww: and you?
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oooh wow its haunting and beautiful!
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