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Kaori by SilentSTears Kaori by SilentSTears
the title is her name, the way her hands are mean nothing I just put them that way cause I can't draw hands well.
DizzyDrow Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2005
The hand position sorta suits her nicely . . . she looks kinda confused or embarrassed(sp?). And she has an interesting outfit. :) But, you can't just keep drawing hands behind your characters! The only way I've found that works to draw hands is to practice as much asa you can with drawing them. You can even use your own hands as references. Spend some time studying the shapes the hand can create and keep trying to draw them better and better and eventually hands will no longer pose a challenge. That's how I mostly learned. And, if you'd like, I could try to scan and email some advice on drawing hands out of several different books on drawing manga I have (another reason I've become better at drawing). This is a cute picture, though . . . I'm just wondering why it's so shaded in? O.o
SilentSTears Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2005
Thanks so much for the comment :D I'd love it if you could do that it would help alot. The shading some I did on purpose some I didn't, which shading are you talking about? Thanks again.
DizzyDrow Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2005
No problem-iyt's fun to check out other people's work!! ^^ You've got some pretty cute pictures here. They're all pretty good, but I'd like to maybe help you improve a little (if that's okay with you, of course). I have about 9-10 different books on drawing manga. my email is: --email me and we'll talk about what all I should send you, okay? and btw, if you aren't too busy, would you mind maybe checking out some of my art please? Just wondering! Catcha later!
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June 15, 2005
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