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Satin Smooth, Set 3

Made entirely in Photoshop. :)


:bulletred: Free for non commercial use. Except DA prints - those are fine ((If you want to use them off DA for commercial use, talk to me and we'll work something out))

:bulletred: Can be used ANYWHERE, on or off DA

:bulletred: Credit is much appreciated.

:bulletred: Don't use my work for porn or racist or offensive material. (Artistic nude is fine, blood and gore is fine, but racist/sexist/anything-ist or pornographic is NOT fine)

:bulletred: Give me a link to your final picture! I'd love you see what you guys come up with! =D
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It is so Beautiful, I can't add it on my works yet cause I'm still choosing the right Texture, but I'll be using it in the future. Thank you for your works and it really helps many people yah know. <3

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use here:

The Transfiguration Lesson by CresentMoonFallnStar

and here:

Happiness by CresentMoonFallnStar
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All of your Satin fabric pics look SO comfortable! I just want to jump land on a bed covered in them and just lay there for days lol!
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Haha, yay!
After staring at them for about an hour, they started looking all fake and pixelly, so I'm glad they turned out well! XD
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lol XD! OH! My grandma thought they were real 2 lol! So you got her amazed XD.
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Whoa!! Sweet!!

It's amazing how easy those are to make, and how FAST you can make them! You can make an uncolored one in under a minute! ((Well, if you're a perfectionist and/or indecisive person, maybe more...))
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Wow really?? O.o (yeah I'm a perfectionist at times lol XD)
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Yeah. XD It took me about 10 minutes to make all 30 satin textures, and then another hour to color them/fix the pixelly/rough parts of them. lol
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O.o wow......your a fricken genius lol XD. I get lost on A LOT of tech stuff...I was raised OLD school lol XD
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Lol, why thank you! *sneaky grin* XD

Heh, I was raised on a computer. My mom says one of the first "toys" I broke was her computer. I stuck pudding in all the "holes" (floppy disk, USB, CD/DVD, headphones, etc.).
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