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Fast Food Mafia

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So here's the colored version of my previous deviation, which I'm quite pleased with. Anyway, enjoy! :D

All characters are copyright their respective owners.

EDIT: Wow! I really didn't expect this to get so popular. Because of this, it's given me some incentive to make a few more mafia bosses. I'll be adding them in with the original five in another deviation. And I'm leaning towards making it available as a print. We'll see.

Also, I wanted to say thanks to the people that have promoted my work on their sites like Domestic Geek, Laughing Squid, and Serious Eats.

Normally I don't bother with watermarking my work, but seeing how popular this piece has gotten it seems like a good idea. I trust it doesn't distract too much from the portraits.
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That's how mafia works!
managingdiversity's avatar
You work silentsketcher  is really cool.. Thanks..
Devil01-Z's avatar
This is funny, cool, and if you really think about it oddly fitting.
Mirror-Draco's avatar
Okay that is really cool! XD
Helmina's avatar
looks like gangs of new york
OMG Its Five Guys. Yet another fast food reference xD


LSimpsonJazzgirl's avatar
Hahaha oh you've totally made my night! This is so genius, much kudos to you! 
Maroontiger's avatar
I like this. This should become a thing. . . seriously, this would be a pretty awesome web comic.
OwlCreme's avatar
Haha I found this when I put "food" into Google Images
To-Lazy-To-Sign-In's avatar
Awesome! Ron freaked me out, and Wendy looks like my sister in the morning, the face that is...
PaladinMagnus's avatar
Awesome! Just Awesome! XD
Storm-of-Angels's avatar
I can't even explain just how much I adore this. 'Specially McDonald-- he just looks positively creepy. <3
the-lazy-artisan's avatar
this is excellent :D
Trialof3's avatar
OMG!!! XD This is just friggin' epic! -I never imagined that the fast food chains could be depicted like this. Overall, awesome job!:D
Varvendale's avatar
damn this is amazing
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