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The Hydra's Curse - Arc 2 - Part 3
Sasha slid out of her little hole sleeping hole a couple hours later when she heard her name being called. It was one of the shadowcat children, chirping her name and telling her that she was wanted down with the elders. The truth was none of them were actually old—it was just tradition to called the people who ran the community by that title. Somehow, Sasha herself had become a del-facto leader herself, although how that had happened she wasn’t entirely sure. The truth was, lots of people living in Salutem simply weren’t motivated. All it took was a little bit of willingness on her part to help out, and the responsibility had basically fallen on her shoulders. But with responsibility came influence, so she didn’t mind.
The cave that they used as a meeting was deep within the mountain, taking her nearly ten minutes to make her way through the paths and tunnels she’d grown to know over the years. Another of the reasons the curse had set up in the cave netwo
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The Hydra's Curse - Arc 2 - Part 2 :iconsilentsheppard:SilentSheppard 9 6
The Hydra's Curse - Arc 2 - Part 1
The town of Salutem wasn’t really a town per say, more of a community. A town implied that there were buildings, roads, and all the other things that would tell a traveler this would be a hospitable place to stay for the night. Salutem had none of those things. It was a cave in the mountainside, obscured by jungle and completely uninviting. Some who ventured too near even said it was haunted, with malevolent spirits and demons hiding within.
Those people weren’t entirely wrong. Salutem’s location had been chosen based on the fact that no human in any reasonable state of mind would even go there. It was a foul place, and it took a special type of person to live there.
A cursed person.
Salutem was a community of the curse. Innocent people caught at the wrong time, burned by the fires of hell in one shape or another. It tainted them and filled their bodies with unholy magic, but it also gave them power. So it made sense to establish a community by the firegate, the curse
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The Hydra's Curse - Chapter 7 : Hydra
Tracking the hydra wasn't a hard thing to do, even if Calvin hadn't been helping her. For about two days, neither of them got a good clue as to its whereabouts, but late into the third, Sasha came across a trail. Nothing extremely obvious, but it was made up of slightly crushed shrubberies, broken branches and other things her untrained eyes could still notice.
Calvin, get down here, I've got something. She pushed the mental image of the trail down the connection. The intent of acknowledgement echoed back to her as he came down for a landing, dropping in front of her a half a minute later.
"Definitely the hydra." He muttered, looking at the ground past some of the broken brush. "Even the grass is still slightly crushed, this is fresh." He looked to the trail Sasha was leaving in the grass too. "Pity it's three times your size otherwise we could sort of compare the damage to the ground."
Sasha looked at the trail as well. Sure enough, her weight flattened the grass to a degr
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The Hydra's Curse - Chapter 6 : Recovery
It took about four hours to find the lost elk. It was hiding pretty damn far away, scared out of its wits. After some planning, Alva set chase to it, swiping at its hindquarters to get the thing moving. It ran and called like they always did when Calvin dropped at it from the sky. Little jets of flame, just enough to discourage it from going in the wrong direction. It took about an hour of chasing, Calvin up high and Alva on the ground, forcing the animal to go the way they wanted. Eventually when they were about a quarter mile from the cave Calvin dropped from the sky and landed on its neck, driving the beast into the ground. There was a satisfying crack when his foot connected that told him he'd aimed well, killing it in one blow.
Alva gave him a look of satisfaction at the kill. "Not as good as hypnosis for getting it here but still works."
Calvin nodded. "That drop is fun. Animals never see it coming."
The shadowcat gave him a wry look. "I wouldn't either. Let's go check on Sasha."
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The Hydra's Curse - Chapter 5: Dragon

The biggest issue Calvin had with the majority of the world he'd seen was its two dimensional nature. It was boring, nothing but field or forest punctuated by the occasional river or lake. He'd seen the whole continent by now, it was just one huge island after all with ocean surrounding it as far as the eye could see. He never took a ship to the neighbouring continent, the journey was over and month and perilous. Plus it was probably the same over there and there was no way people would let him on a ship. Not in his state.
But there was the mountains, which cut the continent in half, a chain that stretched from one end to the other. Flying through the valleys and riding the hot air currents up the mountainside was so much more fun than drifting over some farmers field. Most importantly though, the cursed people seemed to gravitate toward the mountains. It was safe from civilization, a place where people wouldn't hunt you for being tainted by the devil.
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The Hydra's Curse - Chapter 4 : Shadowcats

One advantage of sleeping in the cave was the sun didn't wake her up to early. The past couple days she had stayed up a bit into the night and having woke at sunrise had left Sasha tired. It was only midday when the sun shone from the south and into her new den that she was awoken.
Yawning and rubbing her eyes a bit, she pulled her serpent half off from on top of her and stretched. The cave ceiling was nearly 20 feet high too, posing no problems when she stretched out, rearing up high in the process. She smacked her lips a few times, still not hungry and looked down at the exit far below her. It felt strange, situating herself this high, strange and great- she loved the height. Why couldn't a dragon have burned her? Flying would have been awesome.
She flicked her tongue out for the first time that morning, taking in the scents of the cave. Nothing strong, there was still a hint of that strange presence but the air itself was different today as well. Lo
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The Hydra's Curse - Chapter 3 : Outcast

The deer was just over a hundred feet away and for the third time that day, Sasha was looking at it from behind a bow. She was a terrible shot and the fact that her eating well hinged on her archery skills wasn't really helping things. Still, she steadied her breathing and drew the bowstring back, taking aim once more. There had been a few nice pluses that had come with the change, her eyesight being one of them and strength being another.
Things further away were so much clearer than they had used to be. Even at this distance she could see the individual hairs on the animal moving in the wind. It was actually quite the blessing and made foraging for berries and fruit so much easier. It also gave her a reason to use her own eyes rather than let the snakes atop her head do all the work. And of course being stronger made archery so much easier now. She had struggled with a bow string before, now it just came back smoothly when she pulled.
Those two facto
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The Hydra's Curse - Chapter 2 : Hydramorph

Sasha came to in bed, but not hers. Mind still fuzzy it took a moment to piece together what happened. She remembered the glow in the snake's mouth, and then the fire. Nothing but pain followed that. And now thirst was overpowering any other thought.
Someone was moving in just out the door. She opened her mouth to call but just a croak came out. That was enough to get the persons attention though. An elderly woman came bustling in, saw Sasha tapping her throat and promptly fetched her a waterskin.
"Drink." She ordered redundantly, pressing the tip to Sasha's lips.
Sasha sucked it dry in seconds, parched beyond belief. She did that three times over before she felt like throwing up. Her eyes may have bulged a bit but she managed to keep it down thankfully. The woman looked down at her with pity and placed a hand on her forehead, feeling her temperature.
"You poor thing." She murmured, withdrawing her touch. "These next few days are going to be rough."
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The Hydra's Curse - Chapter 1 : The Hydra

Sasha was enjoying a good nights sleep when the attack started. It began as an unpleasant dream filled with screams and yelling. In her dreams, denizens of hell poured from a portal before any angels could come to meet them. Demons in many shapes alight with cursed fire rampaged and slaughtered with no remorse, descending down upon her with nothing to stop them.
The nightmare quickly turned to reality with the first hiss from the beast, a sound trauma had conditioned her to wake up in panic to. It was a hydra, a beast of hell back for its third run at the village.
Still in her nightclothes, Sasha scrambled out of bed instantly awake from a surge of adrenaline when she realized what was happening. Peering out the window, she could see it about a hundred feet from her little log house, probably more than a hundred heads swarming and lashing at people. The last two times they hadn't killed it. Most of its heads cut off in the last two fights, the giant de
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