I am lonely~

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I am lonely.
No one can see me.
I am forever stuck in my own little fantasy.
All alone I whisper.
Why am I so alone?
Why can't someone come and rescue me?
I have a time in everyday.
A time that I question my worries away.
I cherish the thoughts and feelings I have.
But, they always seem to make me sad.
I know that I can never be happy.
So why do I even try?
And even though I have that time.
This question will never die.
I really am lonely, just felt like making a poem about it...
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I ask myself these questions a lot. I'm so sorry you're lonely. I feel lonely, too... :hug: *hugs* I'm still waiting for my rescue ;)
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You're welcome ;D

I just wish it would come sooner...

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Everyone does. XD
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;D Lol, I love your enthusiasm! ^.^

I know, right?  </3

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Yeah XD


NOW LET'S DANCE!:twist: 

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You're welcome.



Awwwright, lets!

I can fly Dancing :la: Rave Project-entry lascroll Whai hai thar :hai: :twist: 

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Okay then!

bunneh icon4 bunneh icon3 Dance Dance Dance Kaito avatar Rainbow Emote Rave Victory Dance 2 Lissyfee La and Dance RQ :dancey: Remnants Carameldansen Dancing a Little Jig :flowersing: Dancing Banana bunneh icon12 dO nOt dAncE On mY TeRrItOrY Dance! 182 : Dance Together Emoticon Relaxed dance Inspiration llama cancan Cheerleader I say Dance My Dork Dance Caramel dansen emote SAFETY DANCE Rock Lee Dance :chairdance: :la: choir :headphone: :shuffelin: Gentlemen HappyDance Dancing in the Rain I prefer spring 

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